Passed my prime

Passed my prime
at fifty-three
dividing facts
to factoids; I’m
factored small
between and passed.
But if I wait
I’m primed and
proud again when
undivided fifty-nine.

Stairs of age

Stairs of age

Kerry wants us to play with numbers and numerology at toads. On the stairs of age you pass your prime at 50… then my little mathematics mind thought about prime numbers and realize that you pass a prime at 51 and 53, with the next one being at 59… sorry for this absolute nonsense poem… just thought it would be fun

March 3, 2016

25 responses to “Passed my prime

  1. Whew, Daddy; this is so math-sexy! It made perfect sense to me. I can’t wait to be fifty-anything. Except 55. That’s like too much of a good thing.

  2. I loved it…and longed for “59.” You make me want to pull my numerology book and look again…they all pass so quickly.

  3. Ha, you have given me a new way to look at Prime Numbers. We all pass various primes, I guess, on the path of life. This is VERY clever.

  4. Love those prime numbers, Bjorn. Your poem too.
    I’m about to reach another, in October. I won’t say the number here, but it is OBE, Aussie talk.

  5. I am rather fond of prime numbers myself.. love the play on words but I believe that fifties are now the prime of one’s life.

  6. Ha, 50 looks like a spring chicken when one is approaching her big 70th birthday. Yoiks. At fifty I still had two working legs, my looks and a future. Cackle. Enjoy your 50’s, kiddo. Rock it while you’ve still got it. Smiles.

  7. It tosses upside down the thought that primes passed are singular: there’s alway another prime to realize is gone forever.

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