Bubbled and bewitched

Boldly bursting,
I am bubb-
  led by your
presence being.

You, my rain-
  bowed specter
guardian, jailer,
sweet protector.

I’m daisied lolling,
crazy windblown
sailing mindblown
done for, trapped inside

  soapy bubble.

Doubly happy sappy, being
owned and shackled
danced in-
 sane, lulled bewitched
   by you.

The bubbles by Erte

The bubbles by Erte

Time for the third quadrille where De wants us to bubble with 44 word poetry at dVerse. Come join us having fun.

February 22, 2016

66 responses to “Bubbled and bewitched

  1. I freakin’ LOVE this. So much fun to read aloud.
    “I’m daisied lolling,
    crazy windblown

    There’s so much passion in these words. And you snuck “lulled” in there, too. 😉

    And of course, you know I love that hyphen. And the one in “rain-bowed,” which brings to mind a bowing to the rain. Wonderful.

  2. So much love for this. All of it. But at the end, I really like how you indented because it’s visually interesting, but also because it emphasizes that “dancing-in(side)” makes us “sane.”

  3. I love the positive spin, if that makes the person happy & bubbly bewitched, then I am bubbled sappy too 🙂 Love this part:

    I’m daisied lolling,
    crazy windblown
    sailing mindblown

  4. You won’t believe that amount of giggling I’ve done (or the kind of interesting faces I’ve made) while reading this. I hope you choose to read this one in the future. I would just love to hear you saying,


  5. Beautiful, light, whimsical. I especially like they way you have hyphenated certain words for added emphasis.

  6. I’m liking this, Bjorn. It brings thoughts of love, being in love. Then narrowed by the bubble; drifting at the whims of the currents, fragile enclosure subject to jabs and abrasion.
    I started out reading with doubts as soon as I came to “guardian, jailer.” Captive love isn’t much love except for provider love. But then reading on I decided it was a self-giving love.
    Like De, I too was affected by words, adjectives, not in the dictionary, at least the quick reference provided by touch in iPad. “Lolling” fit nicely here, it’s definition was mine also. The ones unfamiliar to me begged for my imagination which is still groggy this morning.
    Thank you, it put love in a new ‘drift’ for me.

  7. When I saw “lulled”….I knew it!! A sneaky move hiding all the quadrille prompt words. I think the last 2 stanzas feel like bubbles expanding, building up…..then a nice little pop at the end of them.

  8. Lovely word play. Very clever extra meanings with the hyphenated word breaks!

  9. “You, my rain-
    bowed specter
    guardian, jailer,
    sweet protector”
    Such a dichotomy of images here: the specter and jailer being somewhat threatening in nature; the guardian and sweet protector being caretakers. What follows, however, reveals that being trapped, owned and shackled are not portrayed as abusive conditions, and one is left to enjoy the pleasure of a feel-good infatuation.

  10. Masterful job on the repetition of vowel sounds (assonance, I believe) to create an awesome internal rhyme. boldly, rainbowed, protector, windblown, mindblown, soapy, owned – and that’s just for openers!!!

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