Why can’t you laugh?

Prayers are the daisies
bent from weight of feet —
      scattered wildly
more meadowed    than
the gilded spires.

Wilderness is voiced
   in hymns of skies
and smell of

Then why can’t you
Jorge dear – laugh
   in church?

Christ in the Wilderness by Stanley Spencer

Christ in the Wilderness by Stanley Spencer

The image at Magpie Tales. The image
being quite humorous which brought back memories of “The Name of the Rose”, where in the layered plot there are the lost manuscripts of Aristotle dealings with laughter. This was deemed dangerous for Jorge, and as a matter of fact is one of the most dangerous things for fanaticism. I think it might be still be applicable… Ridiculos!!

17 responses to “Why can’t you laugh?

  1. Oh, this brings back memories of a time when I was young that, without fail, I would get the giggles in church. And I have to think that it delights God who made us to enjoy daisies and laughter.

  2. Once, I was singing with a choir at a funeral and I got the giggles. It was not my finest moment, needless to say. ~If you’re going to laugh in church, there are probably better moments in which to do it.

    I hate that these daisy prayers are being trampled to death, but I do like that they are at least digging on some scat while they’re being killed, little by little.

    Way cool, the way you squeezed out “meadow-wed” by gapping the space afterward. How gorgeous, the very idea of being married to a meadow. I love that. (Or maybe you were just trying to pull out the notion of “mores,” as in the values and traditions of the people.)

    I also think you’re hiding “whore” in “Jorge” (whore-hey). Also, you’re pulling out pot and wild(e) with your indentations. I also see “whore in church,” “smile grass,” and “scattered wildy, grass hurts” (because of the indentations). There’s also some gin hiding at the end.

  3. Well, this reminded me of the time I was in this church for a xmas service and a girl who was playing an angel said she had to pee…it was hilarious to some and to others it was big frown 😦

  4. There is “prayer” in every breath of every man, woman, child, creature… so I laugh in church so He knows I get it. Sometimes, it’s just that funny! Love your view on this, Björn!

  5. Interesting that laughter the best medicine was never allowed in church…my sister and I would always get the giggles and one of us would end up letting loose a loud squawk…

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