Apate, veiled
in night, twists her
tongue. Her lair is
laid with bones
of suitors from
before, yet my
hands caress
and seek her
siliconed embrace.

Detail of sculpture by Rodin

Detail of sculpture by Rodin

Linked to Saana’s mythology prompt at prompt nights

Apate the deity of deceit seemed to a goddess that we have forgotten. Her siblings were Geras, the personification of old age; Oizys, the personification of suffering; Moros, the personification of doom; Momos, the personification of blame; Eris, the personification of strife; Nemesis, the personification of retribution; and Keres, the personification of carnage and violent death.

20 responses to “Apate

  1. Night would make a gorgeous wedding dress.

    I also see “apathy veiled” in the opening line.

    You doubled up on the “and,” but I actually like the stutter it creates; I think it’s really cool. Maybe put a comma after the first “and” to jam the pause in, to show that it’s not an accident (even if it is).

    This is gorgeous.
    I’ll tell you like I tell De:
    I wish you’d pop out 8
    poems in quick succession.
    And she does it, too.
    When I beg. 🙂

  2. I enjoyed your sensual take on Apate and squirmed by the idea of her killing her lovers after intercourse. a recurring theme in Greek mythology.

  3. this one’s a sparkling gem, love the evil glints…”yet my hands caress and / and seek her / siliconed embrace”…reminds me of her male counterpart Dolos…

  4. Even before Adam and Eve! We can all fall victim to an embrace and deceit..maybe that’s one of the joys (and dangers) of being flesh and soul…

  5. I really enjoyed this, Bjorn…the brevity of the poem that still expressed so much and, perhaps, as much–the notes that followed. I’m quite deficient in knowledge of mythology.

  6. Love: Apate’s siliconed embrace. Very cool 21st century spin on an ancient Greek deity. I imagine Geras, Oizys, Moros, Momos, Eris, Nemesis and Keres can’t be too pleased. Smiles.

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