Morning sun

Morning sighed,
it beamed
and paled

its beams
on bedroom
are wails
and stains.

Awake before
she waned
and faded

with specks of
she left.

Morning Sun by Dennis Hopper

Morning Sun by Edward Hopper

This is a second entry written for Mary’s wonderful prompt on Rooms at dVerse. I said that I associated rooms a lot with Hopper paintings and this one inspired me to write something with very few words.

24 responses to “Morning sun

  1. You have so clearly expressed the theme of Hopper’s painting, I think. The beams on the bare walls. Sometimes a memory of a room is little more than just that!

  2. I really enjoy the play of afternoon light in my room. Somehow it cheers me to see it on the walls. Beautiful work, Bjorn, it complements the painting perfectly.

  3. This sounds like an “afterglow” poem to me. “Wailing” all night and then finally falling asleep when the sun comes up. 😛

    “specks of
    dust” … This turns into “peck-soft dust” for my eyes, which is beautiful, despite the perhaps otherwise-sad tone of the poem. I guess it can be taken however the reader wants to take it, like all my favorite poetry. Keep it comin’, bro. Love it.

  4. “…with specks of dust she left…” I read this in so many layers. She — a woman, a friend, a spouse….left behind the memories the specks of dust. The sun itself….there is that moment when within the air we see the specks floating in the sun….the specks show up then seemingly disappear…but we know they are there.
    I liked this one too!

  5. Lately the pictures you use in conjunction with your words are just so perfect, I really find myself reading, then examining the picture, then reading again, until they are indistinquishable. What a lovely match of art, that is not easy to achieve yet effortlessly you do.

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