Yellow woods

A road not taken. You always said it was you, not me when you left me in the yellow woods.
“We can still be friends”, I said. You smiled, “Of course”, and left.

I see you sometimes.I seek you eyes. I seek a sign, maybe anger. But you always turn the other way.

If I could turn back time, could I do it in any other way?
If I could turn back time I would buy you roses, diamond rings. I would be a better man

If I could turn back time I wouldn’t leave the toilet ring raised.

This took me some time to figure out, but of course after a while I had Cher singing in my head, which I guess many more will have. For once I put a little humor into my usually dark stories. And yes references to Robert Frost are not accidental.

Friday Fictioneers is all about finding a 100 word story in the same picture. Rochelle does a wonderful job in both selecting excellent pictures and setting the standard high for how a 100 word fiction should be written.

February 17, 2016

59 responses to “Yellow woods

  1. Well, you certainly interpreted the prompt creatively. But neglecting to lower the seat is a hanging offence in our house. So your piece is a reminder to all we weak men.

  2. Oh, this is good. I wrote a poem a while back along this very theme…even set in the woods, in autumn. Your prose measures up to the poetic gift you have. BTW, my mom seems to be doing better. I think she is going to outlive me. Thanks for your support.

  3. Oh how I love yellow woods. My very favorite in the world.

    YES!!! That picture is totally that time-turning gadget/necklace from Harry Potter … the one Hermione wore. Man, you have good eyes. I never would have made that connection if you hadn’t.

    That last bit is hilarious, but before that, it was really emotionally painful to read. So much lost beneath those yellow leaves, unless you turn the dial … and I don’t see why you can’t, if you believe in magic.

    This is my favorite part: “I see you sometimes. I seek you eyes.”

    Oh, I just noticed what’s hiding in the title: yellow woulds

      • I can’t tell you how giddy I am over what you just wrote. That makes me very happy. 🙂 Yes. They should definitely make musical poetry babies together. And of course, it’s perfectly safe to make babies like that while you’re high. They’ll actually come out smarter, I think. [wink]

  4. I love a good tear-jerker, Bjorn, and this is quality, regrets darkened and deepened by deception.

    The song that came to my mind is the slightly less appropriate but quite wonderful If We Try by Don Mclean:

  5. There are worse hanging offences than leaving the toilet ring raised. Those are not lifting it in the first place and peeing on the seat, so lady of the house has an unpleasant surprise when she sits down. Or he misses the toilet altogether and the person who follows has no shoes on and steps in the wee.
    A darkly witty little story. Loved it.
    PS One little typo — seek your eyes (not ‘you’ eyes). Also, is there meant to be a full-stop after better man?

  6. Upon seeing your title, I immediately thought of Yellow Snow by Frank Zappa, instead of Yellow Woods. I enjoyed seeing your lighter side. Well done.

  7. Oh this was great, Björn! Love your lighter side…
    Ahhh. the old coulda, shoulda, woulda…
    I live in a household of boys… managed to train them all! Though, I sincerely wish they would choose to sit down. Less splashing!

  8. I definitely hear the Cher song now and probably will for the rest of the day. Thanks! Seriously, very funny. Think of how different things could be if you put that seat down.

  9. great story… I never could figure out what all the fuss was about the seat being left up.. I mean, it’s just as much an inconvenience for the guy to always have to raise it.. anyway, enjoyed this.

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