Blinded by shadows

Backdropped against the blinds
shadows played, voices raised and fell,
suddenly awake on Aaron rents
settee I lay exposed, the walls

too thin, when suddenly a gun
goes off, and hastened footsteps fade
to silence. My room is stark, it’s
wrapped around my neck, and

I realize the bed is way too hard
to hug me tight. It was here
I understood how cold a room
can be, when you’re left alone.

Summer Interior by Edward Hopper

Summer Interior by Edward Hopper

Today Mary wants us to write poetry about Rooms at dVerse poetics.. how a room can feel. The poem above relates something that happened many years ago when I lived in Phoenix and rented a studio when I worked there. One night I was awakened by quarrel right outside my window that ended with a gun being shot. I have never felt so lonely in my life. Never. Come share something about your rooms when we open the pub at 3 PM EST.
February 16, 2016

36 responses to “Blinded by shadows

  1. Absolutely love it! Please forgive my memory, or lack thereof, I’ve no idea how you feel about re-blogs, but I would love to re-blog this if I may? Either way, no offence, just love your work!

  2. Oh what a frightening experience! There are times when a room is no haven…and times we don’t feel safe either inside or outside the room. And times when it is colder inside than it can ever be outside!

  3. I couldn’t begin to imagine how this would feel, though you have allowed me into that room and that deep sense of loneliness and, I imagine, fear. Phoenix has changed so much from when I lived there in the early ’60’s as a student nurse.

  4. Wow! I imagine that hearing a gunshot outside your room would leave you feeling very vulnerable–not knowing if another shot might ring out and come flying through your window. You succeeded well in conveying that frightened and alone feeling, Bjorn.

  5. That’s a scary time to be Bjorn ~ I would feel very vulnerable & I admire this part:

    My room is stark, it’s
    wrapped around my neck,

  6. I like the juxtaposition of the lines: ‘My room is stark, it’s
    wrapped around my neck’ and ‘I realize the bed is way too hard
    to hug me tight’, conveying the fear so well, a thin line between claustrophobia and security.

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