Snaring lords a-leaping

Your nape is bent, with gentle weight of snow,
the strands of hair reflecting light; as gold
your eyes are tinsel under mistletoe.
This night I shiver, bent in night too cold
your laughter cannot melt my frosty lips,
too shy tonight, I wait, I’m far from bold
I watch you smile, and tempt with hands on hips
I see perfection in those strands of hair;
in this sheen of night, I wait, as minutes slip
to hours as you dance with others, snare
the lords a-leaping, leaving me alone;
until the band invites the dames to dare;
you point at me, and in my arms you’re blown
you’ve made your choice, I’m glad, I’m owned

Brustbild einer Dame by Cuno Amiet

Brustbild einer Dame by Cuno Amiet

Today Karin wants us to use any pair of words from a Christmas song to write a poem at toads. As often is I don’t really now why my poems end up like they do… I will also link up to poetry pantry tomorrow.

December 19, 2015

34 responses to “Snaring lords a-leaping

  1. I loved the Christmas words turned into “beauty” words, as it were–very sweet comparisons, and very creative. And snaring lords a-leaping is a wonderful image for the scene and the leaping heart of the speaker. Thanks, Bjorn. k.

  2. Such a perfect picture and you have captured the personality behind the disdainful look. The web was craftily spun and the prey well-captured.

  3. The opening line alone is a dream – if Christmas is like this i may just like it! Golden and stunning..a peaceful Christmas time to you Bjorn

  4. “your eyes are tinsel under mistletoe.” – classically beautiful line so cleverly combined with these Christmas symbols. Does the leaping end when the dance begins I wonder!

  5. Poems have their own will, Bjorn–often I am amazed where mine end up–this one is quite consistent, and also has a fine dancing feel to it of things coming right–nice to have a positive response to a difficult season, too. I especially like the repetition of ‘strands of hair’ and the eyes ‘tinsel under mistletoe.’

  6. Bjorn, a sonnet my favorite form of yours as it takes one on an emotional ride..waiting to finally be chosen to dance that dance.
    “The bear is coming to dance for you”

  7. Yes Bjorn, “owned” totally for that glorious moment of excited, exuberant and mutual surrender – Great and true… You had in the palm of your hands from your marvellous beginning “Your nape…
    ” Truly skilful write, rooted in lives experience and uplifting too for Chritsmas… With Best Wishes Scott

  8. The ‘snare’ is set, ready to catch us ‘eleven lords,’ Lordy, lordy.
    I was entranced, Bjorn. The rhyme and meter helped it a lot.

  9. I knew a young man like this once, years ago and could see how he wanted but was so very shy. I imagine being owned that night made him and opened a whole new world to him. Your work with sonnets are always incredible – a dancing rhythm this has.

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