Depraved of Oxygen

Depraved of air,
we were the very last to leave this soil
now scorched. Our numbers drawn, exchanged
for boarding cards; uniquely registered
we were tattooed with its conductive ink,
we were scanned and shaved, deloused
and housed in quarantine; Short of breath
in preparation of acceptance of our past.

In front of us it waited, shining orb
the time-machine; a concrete jetty touched
its silver hull. We waited silently to leave
this suffocating years, to leave damnation
of destruction, this year of two-thousand-
eighty-nine; Inside our bell-jar oxygened
we waited for synchronicity of space.

Above my head, displayed, the woods
our destiny of past. “We’ll cope”, your voice
a needle falling to the floor; activation
through my veins the last of blood
were filtered, sated with our past, we were
prepared your head was bent, and
through the mask your eyes, unkempt
where whites, my hand reached out and almost
touching yours I fell asleep, and woke
again today, where future is our past.
In Nineteen eighty-eight we’re not yet
depraved of air.

Chronozaurus by Jacek Yerka

Chronozaurus by Jacek Yerka

Today we do time-travel at toads with Kerry. My choice was some Sci-Fi of time-travelers coming back to a time that was more habitable-

December 18, 2015

10 responses to “Depraved of Oxygen

  1. This is amazing story-telling. I was quickly captured by the scenario you described. Many memorable lines, among them:
    “We’ll cope”, your voice
    a needle falling to the floor… which created the pivotal moment.
    I enjoyed this very much.

  2. You certainly bring to mind the air quality in China. I really liked this piece; so Sci Fi vigorous & realistic & plausible. How in hell do you find the time, while still a wage slave, to write so much poetry? It amazes me.

  3. ‘unkempt eyes’–that is brilliant–as are many of the turnings-upside-down of things you use to make the times seem disjointed and mixed between past and present. Loved it.

  4. This tale drew me right in, traveling ahead, and then back…… we watch the air quality in Beijing your vision of being deprived of air is likely closer than 2085. Great write, Bjorn.

  5. So much to enjoy in this one. First you got a wonderful sci-fi feel that is just awesome with the prompt. It’s a perfect fit. But like the best sci-fi you captured feelings very relevant to now

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