It’s not au revoir

Sip the parting from her lips,
in tiptoe telling of goodbye.
His fingers in his pocket crossed,
Soon it’s lost.
A single ticket (no return):
it’s a secret sigh,
A tearless cry.
His smile’s a lye — as
forever’s not au revoir.

Airport Kiss

Airport Kiss

Linked to Magpie Tales. I guess all of you know that au revoir means “till we meet again”. This guy has a purpose.

26 responses to “It’s not au revoir

  1. I love this: “His smile’s a lye” … Like he’s washing her mouth out with soap or something.

    “A lye is a liquid obtained by leaching ashes” … Did you know that aside from making soap, lye is used in foods like mandarin oranges, pretzels, and Cantonese moon cakes? It’s also used to make amphetamines.

    Lye is very dangerous. If he kisses her with those lips, he’s going to burn her mouth off. And if he kisses her eyes, she’ll go blind. She’d better stay away from him!

    Of course, there’s also, “His smile’s a lie-ass” and “… Yazz” (my favorite rapper of the moment.


    I noticed the same thing about the picture. The body language. His hands in his pockets. She’s leaning into him, all gushy. But he can’t wait to get away from her. He’ll probably send her a text on the plane telling her it’s over. It’s too bad she’s the only one who can’t see the signs.

  2. Love this. So sad, though, that it’s “forever” and not “au revoir”. Was your use of “lye” instead of “lie” deliberate? I think that the play on words would be quite appropriate…it sounds like “a lie”, but references a caustic chemical…and that parting must burn…just as lye would.

  3. __In a metaphoric view of your fine verse… we run from our failures, but our yesterdays follow. _m

    one way ticket
    forever escaping yourself

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