Let there be light

Quantum waves, once 
      let there be light
My heart was touched 
       by integrated theorems 
numbers were reversed in polished — 
       notation papers filled 
filling up with formulas

Those days deriving (raving) 
pleasures from the calculus and waves
        Let there be quantum light
Maxwell didn’t have a silver hammer.
papers filled with ink 
as Rubik’s cube was melting in my hand,

In company we talked for-
       ever drinking inex(pensive) wine, 
eating / boys be boys.
Music tape recorded mixed my heart with glass
Walkman p(l)aying, lying. 

Patent leather shoes, shirts too big and I said:
                                    “Let’s dance” 
dancing sneaking hands under blouses, 
I dreamt to fit in shoulder pads

Nuclei unstable should we have or not.
                         Should be hot,
We dreamt: our computers were not 
         yet monsters in a cave. 
We dreamt:  been binary 
       been subroutines 
routines in fractions elemental.
Let there be light, let me be right.

Anti Nuclear Rally by Keith Harring

Anti Nuclear Rally by Keith Harring

Today I’m hosting dVerse MTB with a secret guest. we are using free write to create free verse. The theme is looking back through your last decades picking any theme. (1) Select a few keywords, (2) put a time to exactly 9 minutes and write whatever comes to your mind. (3) use this to create your free verse. This is how my draft looked, after going back to my years at university when I was studying physics.
IMG_0145 (1)
If you want to share your own reading. This is the moment to do so:

December 17, 2015

20 responses to “Let there be light

  1. What a wonderful poem. It fills my heart with joy to think that physicists are thinking about quantum light. The gap between physicists and metaphysics grows smaller.

  2. Your stream of consciousness style is great fun & very effective; gave me inspiration for mine, all about the 60’s; I like your lines /our computers were not/yet monsters in a cave/.

  3. I admire the leap from numbers to real life elemental dreams ~ Good for you to be interested in formulas and theorems early one Bjorn ~
    Love the refrain and ending line: Let there be light, let me be right.

  4. Omg this is INCREDIBLE! I’m so excited it reminds me of. Matthew Dickmans “Black Album” but completely you, yours only and the sensuous writing and reading. The assonance is stunning, bravo my friend. This is my favorite poem of yours! ❤

  5. These are my favorites:
    “My heart was touched by integrated theorems”
    “Those days deriving (raving) pleasures from the calculus and waves electromagnetism”
    “papers filled with ink as Rubik’s cube was melting in my hand”
    “pensive wine”
    the way you sneaked in “be-boys” (dancers)

  6. Thought I had already commented on this and I’m beginning to suspect things don’t always “take” on my laptop. I definitely discover the physicist behind this incredible poem and it brings out, for me, the wonder that comes of marrying science and poetry (or other forms of art for that matter.) Stunning work.

  7. I had to chuckle at your line, “My heart was touched by integrated theorems.” Never has my heart been touched by a theorem…not to my knowledge anyway. :~) I liked your reference to raving, the Beatle’s song, Rubik’s cube, Walkman and computers, and so much more in your very comprehensive write.

  8. This was a pleasure to listen to. I listened three times, to not miss anything.

    The scientists I know tell me, don’t read me your poetry, I won’t get it. They don’t even try. So I have had a notion and a generalization that you have completely broken up and schooled me.

  9. I do get a sense of what your life was about at that time of your life, Bjorn. It really seems like it was an exciting time, filled with numbers & theorems & cheap wine & music & young women. Triggered some college memories of mine…but, ha, I was never in love with physics! Smiles.

  10. Economical use of an abundant supply of written words..and carried out so very well…’glass’..’dance’.
    Love slant rhymes. You continue to outdo yourself,

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