My winter coat’s too thick

Elongated seconds
crawling crusts of centipedes,
crabs, joyful as the jinglebelly
muzak underneath my skin.
     Sluggish earthworms: 

       upbeat —  soon.

“Can i have them wrapped?”

Inhale-exhale the weight 
   of stranded jellyfish.

“Your credit-card won’t work”

Trickling slowly: sweat
in rivulets
    when intellect

My winter coat’s too warm
          … for waiting.

Today my prompt at toads is about waiting at toads. It’s the first of advent, and hopefully you can also find some serene moments in waiting. I will also link this to Poetry Pantry.

November 28, 2015

32 responses to “My winter coat’s too thick

  1. Oh, it is hard when one’s credit card doesn’t work; and I definitely empathize with having a winter coat too warm for waiting…. Some nice wordplay in this one, Bjorn.

  2. I’m smiling, Bjorn. 🙂 I think what you were “buying” can’t be wrapped.
    Hence and excuse to keep it away from you.

  3. A dread that occurs at the most inappropriate moment. Sales too good to miss and one just sweat under heavy clothing. Chuckles! Some light write here Bjorn!


  4. Those crystallised moments in time – frozen in waiting..thankfully our thoughts never stop and we can put them on paper – quite beautifully here..such a wonderful coat of thoughts…

  5. My coat is almost always too thick – shopping to me is worse than crabs and centipedes under the skin – thank goodness for Amazon! But then, Advent – such a joyful waiting, anticipation. happy Advent to you.

  6. What I found particularly interesting here, is the form. It just seems to roll out so naturally, that you can almost feel yourself – overheating – in that winter coat. The bit of dialogue is inserted, skillfully, so that it adds to the scene – rather than disrupting it. For some reason the last line really connected with me … perhaps because it, so perfectly, encapsulates the igniting of exasperation (and waiting can be so-o-o exasperating). And, exasperation – once ignited – can built to become a fearsome force.

  7. Interesting…love the image of ‘crawling crusts of centipedes’ for time…for me feels as the time of turning within and accepting who we are in this present moment, reviewing and adjusting balance…..taking time to surrender what not working….taking off the thick coat if we will

  8. I’ve given up on Christmas shopping decades ago. Either they get a home made pressie or none at all. I tried to see the metaphor (was it one) of the earthworms?

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