A shotgun wedding

I dread the choices they propose
between what’s bad or maybe worse.
A shotgun wedding, I suppose
is something like when seeing worth
in hues of skin or acts of faith.
“You are either with us or against
come, swear allegiance for our strafe”,
I dread when bombing is defense.

Photo from Flickr

Photo from Flickr

Fireblossom challenges us to write about what we dread at toads, and you might dread many things, but right now I seem forced to choose between different variants of more or less fascist ideologies. Simplicity seems to be ruling right now, long live the grey zone., and it’s not just Daesh that hate the grey-zone, it’s applicable to all other kinds of fascism that is on the rise.

27 responses to “A shotgun wedding

  1. “You are either with us or against,
    I dread when bombing is defense

    This is the norm now following the end of the cold war. After Vietnam one finds the conflicts shifted more towards ideological and religious stand-offs. It is providing an excuse to plunder weak nations, a provocation in the name of defense. Very incisive lines Bjorn!


  2. I liked your pick, you told it well.
    From my aspect shotgun weddings aren’t too bad if there is true love. It lasted thirteen years. Beats going to jail too.

  3. The parallels are frightening. My father experiences the atrocities of War. Had a gun held to his on three occasions, once by SS officers. He had to pick up the dismembered head of a friend of his that worked in a pub, and place it in a bucket shortly after a bombing, being ordered to do so by the Germans. It send chills down my spine, what he experienced and what is happening today.

  4. I dread the next year of European/ Eurasian history. The world is on the brink of war… it may already be too late.

  5. Yeah no kidding. This is some serious dread!
    As an aside, your text font is different I think? Or at least it seems so on my computer. I like the new one! Very much!

  6. i had to look up “strafe”, so i learnt a new word. luv your theme, many times this applies to males; yet i emphatize easily, i would hate to be forced into any kind of a “lasting” relationship in such a manner

    have a nice weekend

    much love…

  7. “You are either with us or against
    come, swear allegiance for our strafe”,
    I dread when bombing is defense.

    Oh, that is so happening in this country. I’ve had to rid myself of some people on Facebook. No one wants to talk peace. Somehow that makes a person an enemy.

  8. How we handle personal differences and political often aren’t so very different. Passive and aggressive behavior obviously are traits that are needed at times – wisdom is knowing when, I suppose. Fighting at times is necessary … Yes, the world is really building up to something – let’s hope wise heads prevail.

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