Why still ambiguous?

As branches bends for desert winds, close
to breaking, and the weight of what I’ve said
is slightly less than my mute retort inside.

They send me feathers white of cowardice, but
yet I hesitate, behind my cock-sure mask,
because lukewarm water cannot scorch my skin.

I seek the colors in what’s grey, as prisms
can rainbow-bend, “You have to choose!!”
they said “you’re either with us or against us”,

as yet again the branches bend for ricochets,
with cobblestones now wet, our grey-zones stained,
but yet, I hesitate and cannot cry revenge.

I link a second poem to Claudia’s prompt on emotions at dVerse, and this requires a little explanation. I’m proud to be ambiguous, which is actually a strong emotion. The terrorist attacks and the responses make me sick inside, and even if I was adorned with white feathers of cowardice (which was a symbol given by women to men without uniform in the first world war) I hope I could keep my ambiguous mind intact.

November 24, 2015

19 responses to “Why still ambiguous?

  1. Love.

    Especially these:
    “I hesitate, behind my cock-sure mask”
    “I seek the colors in what’s grey”
    “as yet again the branches bend for ricochets,
    with cobblestones now wet”
    “our grey-zones stained”

  2. Interesting to think about ambiguous as being an emotion. I always think of ambiguous as something that one cannot figure out, that doesn’t present a clear face. I must admit that ambiguity leave me a bit uncomfortable. And I am not sure of seeking shades of grey unless retreating into the grey is a bit of a protection. Anyway – a challenging concept, a challenging poem.

  3. Complex responses needed. The white feather. I haven’t looked myself yet but there is an online resource from Quakers UK called The White Feather Diaries. Peace and non violence as ideas may call for more grey than black and white?

  4. the grey zones are not a comfortable zone to be – and i know from own experience – it needs often quite some time until i made up my mind and weighed all the arguments before i decide things but i def. think it’s not a bad thing you know

  5. Emotional ambiguity is my area of expertise! Loved ‘grey zones stained’ – awesome line. Very eloquent in general. Keeping our heads can be a bit of a fuss. I’m glad you’ve kept yours (so far).

  6. Excellent write: the soul-crushing predicament of being caught in the quagmire of a force or action that one does not believe in and has no personal commitment to. The history of wars are laden with example upon example of the means invoked to persuade those who do not feel duty-bound to “get on board”.

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