The wrecking of Tom

“Lorna, we need firewood tonight, go gathering for driftwood, girl.”

Lorna, faces her father, fists clenched.

“I have this washing first, the calico you brought last week has to be sold”

“Lorna, I saw sails at the horizon, another ship will seek shelter at our shore tonight”

“I don’t want to live like this any longer”, Lorna meets his gaze.

Tom, as so many times before, takes a few steps closer, fists prepared for persuasion, but Lorna isn’t unprepared.

“No more sailor’s death or pillaged goods”, a knife protruding from her father’s ribcage.

“Tonight, only lighthouses will guide the sailors”

A place reminds me of the fine tradition of wrecking, to light misleading lights on high places, luring ships ashore, killing the sailors for the goods. I think Lorna is fed up with this, and wants to be an actress instead.

Friday Fictioneers is a group of bloggers writing stories to the same pictures every week under the firm rule of the our mariner sweetheart Rochelle, come and join us, and skip the turkey indigestion.

November 25, 2015

67 responses to “The wrecking of Tom

  1. Dear Björn,

    I guess you could say that Lorna got her point across. (Yeah, someone had to say it.) Well done, if not dark and bleak, piece of writing.



  2. Lorna made her stand in her father’s rib cage. I love the dark story accompanying this idyllic setting Sandra gave us in the photo. Excellent take on it.

  3. See. Now had I read this earlier I would have stuck with my original pieces. This reminded me of all the legendary “Lover’s Leap” when two lovers want to be together but aren’t allowed so they hurl themselves over a cliff. That was my original idea. Instead I made it humerus about that Turkey. It did taste delicious, though.

  4. This is different! Murdering the father for stopping his crimes–may have been the only way out in her situation. I wonder if the anger remains, or if regret follows later. Great piece, I love the ambiguous morality here.

  5. A suspenseful tale with a very brave protagonist.
    I enjoyed every word, Bjorn.
    It’s sad that Lorna was forced to go to that place.
    Many women are taken there and suffer greater consequences from the law. Let’s hope she escaped on one of those ships following the lighthouse.
    Isadora 😎

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