How to face the wind

I still recall that December night,
down by the pier: your body pressed;
a weight against my boyish chest.

Harbor waves were pounding granite piers
your leg a nestling
seeking warmth between my legs.

We must have talked, but memory has vaned;
it’s just your laughter in the face of wind
that comes to mind; as today
we huddle silently apart,
our backs against the freezing breeze.

Tomorrow wind will rip, again,
It will fill our voids with snow
freeze the gap between these hands
that ceased to touch.

Wind clouds by  J. E. H. MacDonald

Wind clouds by J. E. H. MacDonald

This is written in response to Margret’s prompt on toads on passed prompts, and I have combined two, Kerry’s on Ingrid Jonker, and my own on using past, present and future tenses in the same poem. I will also link the poem to Poetry Pantry tomorrow.

42 responses to “How to face the wind

  1. Some memories last forever. And sometimes it is not the talk that is important….but the laughter, that is another matter. And when the wind rips, these memories once again come to mind. I like this poem, Bjorn.

  2. A poignant poem! (And, ha! I too was inspired both by your time prompt and Kerry’s on Ingrid Jonker.)

  3. Hands which no longer touch…perhaps like time, weather and storms this is a stage of life that we must face..sadly..and yet perhaps there is warmth in memory..better to have faced the wind with love and another by our side..

  4. we huddle silently apart,
    our backs against the freezing breeze.

    Some moments may not be what the heart desires. Relationships have their ups and downs! Rightly expressed Bjorn!


  5. The sadness comes through. The warmth of familiar embrace is just out of reach… and if only both could conjure the same memory at once.

  6. You have captured the essence of what brings a couple together, and how that may fade over time. This is bitter-sweet, and all too human, in its emotive depth.

  7. So sad that people create a space between them in which snow can gather – pull together closer and shield each other against the storm. Very poignant poem for today.

  8. You capture the melancholy of a past fading memory. I like how you’ve incorporated all these tenses in one poem while painting a sad picture of a gone romance.

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