Whispers of the timber

Though dead, these grains of wood, as skeins
unfold, with hands as kites, in prayer wave;
a wind of words, a wish across the plains,
“Please save the world from hate don’t make us slaves
in eye for eye revenge, don’t put the blame
on neighbor’s faith, don’t turn cities into graves”.
The timber of the cottage moans, replies:
“It’s up to you, forgive before you die”

From Skansen

From Skansen

Corey gives us a wonderful scene, to make us wish at toads. I thought I’d go and ask an old cottage for advice just as Corey suggests.

23 responses to “Whispers of the timber

  1. This is my response to recent events too – that we not fall into the eye for an eye, which only leads to too many sightless…..to rise above and to do better. Awesome write, Bjorn.

  2. Direct communication with the spirit of the wood, the soul of the cabin, Nature it/herself sharing wisdom; great & imaginative take on the prompt, brother.

  3. Forgiveness built such a cottage—how else could it defy time? And its lintel message here is such a one for the time. Fear not all who enter here, but love … a sustaining hearth for the heart.

  4. “don’t turn cities into graves”–that sems to be something we excel at, however. My heart is at one with this desire, so eloquently expressed.

  5. “Please save the world from hate don’t make us slaves
    in eye for eye revenge, don’t put the blaim
    on neighbor’s faith, don’t turn cities into graves”.
    A worthy prayer.

  6. Perfect and timely write … mankind tends toards revenge … ergo the ancient counsel for forgiveness, without which no community can exist … whether we like it or not, we are now a world-wide community and we much learn to live together with our beautiful differences .. or perish.

  7. What a clever use of the prompt. You are a hell of a writer Bjorn, I really like the way you almost weave rather than write. There is always a textured feel to your writing, and it adds dimension and depth. Loved this a lot, thanks for writing for the prompt, I appreciate it!!!

  8. Ah – if those walls could talk (though humankind’s track record for heeding thoughtful advice is pretty dismal). “don’t turn cities into graves” – a chilling admonition.

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