In praise of a thieving magpie

He stole the cheese to free the birds
the four and twenty waiting
Thieving magpie makes their day
see prisoners escaping.

The king was snoring in his bed,
his breakfast pie now empty.
Below the maid was crying hard,
for kings just tea ain’t plenty.

The queen was happy ‘cause the king
was fat and very lazy,
Without his pie, he grabbed his toast,
and thought that all was daisy.

Cause kings can slim with exercise
and kiss his queen now singing
in praise for thieving magpie’s deed:
the diet it was bringing.

painting by Rubens Peale

painting by Rubens Peale

On Sunday’s I seem to be in the mood to write little fun ditties instead of dark and heavy… I hope you like my little variation of the old nursery rhyme. Linked to Magpie tales

November 22, 2015

28 responses to “In praise of a thieving magpie

  1. Fun ditty, indeed. It’s good to have a break from the intensity of what we usually write–some of us. Have a happy day. Well, mine is just beginning and I suppose yours is almost spent!

  2. I’m smiling, Bjorn. 🙂 Women can work their ways to control us guys without us really knowing that aspect. Nicely written.

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