feet afloat and singed

wall-smothered, s u f f o c a t e d
mouse-discrete —  a-coffined 
     before belonged
     to night
released in glass
    and glass ————-- and glass
drinking crystal sparkling glass

feet afloat — winged
sing, singed 

bouncing brilliant
hands are chandeliers
    hair and shaded eyes
    singing, one-two-three
see before tomorrow
swinging back and forth 
released by night — 

afloat and winged
dread your dawns
     and shattered chandeliers

Committee 2000 Champagne Glasses by Andy Warhol

Committee 2000 Champagne Glasses by Andy Warhol

Marion urges us to write poetry based on the fantastic video by Sia at toads

October 22, 2015

16 responses to “feet afloat and singed

  1. Holy shitake. This is flipping amazing!!! I LOVE it, to the max. Grrr. This makes me feel all growly and in the mood to write. 🙂 LOL. Thanks for the mood-bump. 🙂

  2. Definitely feel the need to break away from everything and the thrill of finally breaking though the way it was portrayed in the video.

  3. Ooo…I love your closing lines and the way that you saw the chandeliers in the hands…the breaks and brief lines are befitting of the tone of the video. I enjoyed your view on this, Bjorn. 🙂

  4. Mixing elementals to be afloat and singed at the same time! But I saw it too–the confined “freedom”–and you sharpened the edges into a gem.

  5. Oh …. I can hardly talk here. Just read your words and watched the video in entirety. Had never read your poem – just joined dVerse in Dec 2015 and had never heard of this song or seen the video. Misfit (my new poem) is uncannily and eerily similar. Wow!

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