A dandy’s lament

I was proud, I was tall, as I woke up at noon
I had conquered and won, on my costume the gold
of awards I’ve deserved for just being an earl.
I was born and was fed with your silvery spoons
I have pawned for my snuff-box and silk handkerchiefs
but I carry the keys; I can enter; our name’s
more important dear father than number’s achieved.
Why disinherit me now? why call me your shame?

Anglais a la moustache by Claude Monet

Anglais a la moustache by Claude Monet

Victoria is asking us to brighten up a the dark autumn by writing with humor at MTB. I have tried using a little sarcasm here. I tried to use anapestic meter to make it a little funny to. But I think it’s a little dated perhaps, I think this would have been a more satisfactory ending for the vain Robert Ferrars.

October 22, 2015

41 responses to “A dandy’s lament

  1. This makes me sad. Every momma should be proud of her little boy, and every son should feel it.

  2. Having never heard of the term anapestic, I immediately googled it. Having read the definition…I still don’t understand the term. I do realize however, that what I know about poetic meter apparently won’t even fill a thimble. I do wonder if the subject of your poem is based on anyone real? It is just that it has a certain specificity in the last line.

  3. Ha, in my opinion no one ‘deserves’ just because of a title (earl).
    I’d say it is time he gets busy and does some good plain honest work!

  4. Admiring the cadence of dandy’s poor & dire situation ~ A bit too late to teach him a lesson but maybe he will learn to be a well-deserving Earl ~

  5. He seems quite the egotistical earl; too bad mom and dad didn’t knock some sense into his poor head! I too will have to look up anapest again. I’ve read about it before but it has escaped my brain.

  6. Oh vanity! You did well with the form I think. Years ago in Univeristy, I was mates in several classes with a nice young English guy. Dry wit, polite, intelligent – dressed mainly in generic jeans and Goodwill (used item store) shirts. We graduated, his name was called and imagine, he was a Lord Somebody. Never would have figured. He worked part time while matriculating in one of the university cafeterias. We have stayed in touch and he is still a nice guy with a nice family.

  7. I went back and read again emphasizing the anapest. I need a refresher course-I’m terrible with meter. I think the young man needs to come down a few notches. Goodwork.

  8. Robert Ferrars was a bit of jerk it’s true – though, in the end, Edward may have made the best bed, of the two brothers, by his marriage to the kind, sensible Elinor. I admit, I’ve always admired Jane Austen’s penchant for keeping scoundrels close at hand, and (generally) dealing them their just desserts before the end of the book. Given that, I’m sure she would have approved of Dandy’s Lament.

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