Invention of the brightest minds

See sirens of the tabloid press perform
heroic feats, draw likes on Instagram.
See news on Starbucks cups, inform
yourself on silicon and weight loss grams.
See kittens of the superstars transformed
to memes and a perfect cyber storm.
We use inventions of the brightest minds
the Internet brings light to humankind

Genius of the Species by Wolfgang Paalen

Genius of the Species by Wolfgang Paalen

I wrote this second entry on Humor for Victoria, written in the proud mock heroic Ottava Rima. Hope it works as humor.

23 responses to “Invention of the brightest minds

  1. Don’t put those kitten memes down – they make me smile! Good job on this one as well. I hate standing in line in the grocery and looking at those tabloids begging to be opened and read and worst off, taken home with one. I think they purposely make those articles too long to be read in their totality on purpose so you have to buy one to finish.

  2. Those tabloid press mean serious business with all the likes ~ I enjoy fun memes as sometimes the light and funny side of news is more humorous as the depressing news ~ You make this form so easy Bjorn ~

  3. news on starbucks cups – ha- when we don’t even can drink a cup of coffee anymore in peace – i wonder where all the cyber news will take us eventually – sometimes i wonder if it’s all going to crash down one day

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