Fortune and future

Oh fortune, 
     you’re the moon faced silver crescent
          broken by these thousand voices.
In waves of darkness hear the soldiers trampling
         descending doom of crippled choices.
Oh fortune 
      you’re an orb,  you’re smashed and shattered
          my destiny of ruptured dreaming.
razor wire noose around my neck is tightened
         future is the subtle screaming
To fortune

Wounded soldier by Marc Chagal

Wounded soldier by Marc Chagal

My mind is a little dark these days, and somehow asking fortuna for help seems our only hope.. This is written for Kerry’s prompt of 55 words at toads, I will also link up to Poetry Pantry tomorrow morning.

October 3, 2015

43 responses to “Fortune and future

  1. ” moon faced silver crescent
    broken by these thousand voices.”

    Oh, wow…this places the image of a shattered moon…like slivers of mirror…powerful poem, Bjorn.

  2. ‘My destiny of ruptured dreaming’ is a vivid image. I am glad I don’t dream very often. ‘Future is subtle screaming’ – painful to think about. ‘To fortune’ seems quite a contrast to the rest. But at least you are ending on an optimistic note.

  3. This is a very powerful piece, Bjorn. Dark, tangled and reminiscent of the worst side of human nature.

  4. Sometimes darkness can be expelled in seemed to march out quite wonderfully here…razor sharp…astute…seems to reflect the current feeling of the world around us – unfortunately

  5. That whole second stanza. The ruptured dreaming, the future being screaming to fortune. razor wire noose. what future is there, that is not made on the backs of others.

  6. The world feels very grim– the descending doom of crippled choices is a very good way of putting it– and the razor wire noose is as much like fences as anything. Thanks, Bjorn. K.

  7. Perfect illustration which captures the black spirit of your piece, Bjorn–Fortune is fickle, and surely heartless, and only a fool looks to her for salvation.

  8. I’m reminded of soldiers of fortune. not the film ones who pay to play–but those mercenaries who kill for $$$. What are they thinking?

  9. I really like the way this came across on my phone-screen last night. It created some very interesting unplanned line-breaks.

    I love what you did with “fortune,” turning it into “for/tune” by indenting “you” just below it. It’s also “fort you knee.” 😉

    In my email, I read it like this:
    “broken by these thous
    and voices.”

    I’m pretty sure you’re being sneakily sexual here:
    “razor wire noose around my neck is tightened
    future is the subtle screaming”

    Super hot, B. 😉

  10. This is laser sharp, Bjorn – I especially like “my destiny of ruptured dreaming” – and the way you have placed the lines on the page looks very cool.

  11. So here, I thought it was a very smart choice to start with the image of a bright shiny moon and then focus downward to the ground beneath, then closer still on the personal anguish of the narrator. That tightening sense made this effectively personal. Thanks so much for posting!

  12. The visual form of this poem, the stark illustration of the soldier – all tie together sharp stark words. Ruptured dreaming….the razor wire noose – such a desperate and dark emotion in this poem.

  13. Indeed, we live in dark times and it is hard to find hope. I thought this poem – fittingly: short, but powerful – articulated the desperation that much of humankind endures … visceral and anguished.

  14. “Future is the subtle screaming to fortune.” This is such a powerful line. Don’t despair Bjorn. I know the world looks bleak, but we musn’t lose hope.

  15. Wow! Could feel the frustration and anguish…hope the future gets better soon! Yes, especially loved this line “Future is the subtle screaming to fortune.”

  16. “Future is the subtle screaming to fortune.” It’s always darkest before the dawn …this too shall pass, brudberg!
    Because darkness consumes all colors, it’s able to create illusion. Hauntingly beautiful piece,

  17. You portrayed the fear of doom just outside your door.
    Nice writing, Bjorn. One would not want to be there.
    And it sounds like hope has hidden her face.

  18. Really dark, Bjorn….Interestingly, in human nature – to cling for some images and words. To be positive, we need just to switch the words to feel better. ‘soldiers trampling’ – indeed can be the mighty trigger for dark feelings…so, start to listen peaceful spiritual meditation music…

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