Mukunaima’s habitat

Bluegreen capped
sandstone ship.

An ark
for charcoal frogs
sails the sea of clouds;
its ancient voice

Precambrian soil
and golden rivers
for Roraima’s hair,
an angel’s fall

are windows opened
to Mukunaima’s

View from Mt. Roraima by Paolo Fassina on Flickr

View from Mt. Roraima by Paolo Fassina on Flickr

The background to of Mount Roraima is the inspiration at Hannah’s prompt on toads, I’m certainly going to read more, but this is what I captured from the writing and video.

October 2, 2015

15 responses to “Mukunaima’s habitat

  1. This is stunning. I love it!

    “An ark (a nark)
    for charcoal frogs”

    “Precambrian soil”

    “Roraima’s hair,
    an angel’s fall”

  2. I dont know the background, but it seems some archaological touches to this. A life preserved and found. An ark of our history perhaps. Archaeology has always intrigued me. Out past – maybe our future.

  3. I like how you chose to include precambrian….such a lovely word, and this poem works well beyond the visual, it imbues a sense of awe and majesty! Well done and viva la

  4. An ark
    for charcoal frogs…

    That is a perfect observation, Bjorn. The visual of the boat-like shape and the miraculous preservation of flora and fauna, is so well summed up in 5 words. Such is the gift of the poet. loved the entire piece.

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