Just before a-quiver

Night’s a silent river, 
are hands
   unlocking cabinets.
   to all anticipated secrets;
   time's a canopy a-quiver.
   teardrop leaves
and below a
   staircase still in-
   night’s an island; dither
just before 
        it’s dawn.

Dream. Jacek Yerka

Dream. Jacek Yerka

Linked to Magpie Tales

October 4, 2015

31 responses to “Just before a-quiver

  1. Man, I hope I can come up with something for that awesome picture. You nailed it!

    I love the double meanings in the title. It makes me think of being “just” (or righteous) before a quiver of arrows rips into you. Also the ripples of shake-and-quake that rage through the body when it’s aroused or awaiting … hmm, something.

    I love this:
    are hands”

    And this:
    “night’s an island; dither
    just before
    it’s dawn”

    I love this. 🙂

    Thanks for popping by earlier; I just now posted something new; if you get in the mood to come take another peek, I’d love to have you.

  2. Fun play in a-quiver – an arrow quiver, an aquifer.
    A rather enchanting rhyme throughout as well.
    I would not mind lingering in the night, on its island

    this gives all new meaning to waterbed.

  3. night’s an island – ah that is one island I’d like to visit …I am sure it would be magical..I wonder what secrets are discovered…

  4. unlocking cabinets.
    to all anticipated secrets;

    Your above lines are perfect for Jacek’s surrealism. So much secret are hidden to be unraveled!


  5. Night is a pretty wonderful island–great line. Hope all well, Bjorn. k.

    (I was going to send you a link–my Swedish cousin just published a book–but it’s in SWEDISH!!!!)

  6. Awesome post – words (magical metaphors) and painting (redolent of a serene, yet loaded,, dreamscape). Together they express a feeling of floating from the island of sleep.

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