A sharkwind laced with need.

When the windows to my soul are smashed,
by blowing shattering glances,
gusts of words — as hail
pebbles rolling on the hardwood floor.

Doors are closed and locked,
chains across my chest.
and from the sea a sharkwind blows.

In chill of silence afterwards
The night is laced with need
acute a sense of absence
plagued by words

Coast scene with breaking cloud Sun by John Constable

Coast scene with breaking cloud Sun by John Constable

Kerry show us all kind of wonderful poetry written by her students at Real Toads, and want us to write something inspired from them. My choice was Broken Windows by Cheron L’Estrange.

September 25, 2015

26 responses to “A sharkwind laced with need.

  1. Loved that first line. I saw a mosaic window, all those beautiful colors, smashing the floor and tears came to my eyes.

  2. Wow! You should patent the word ‘sharkwind’. It is fabulous. I am so intrigued to see where Cheron’s image of the broken window took you. This is a most atmospheric piece. You have layered your metaphor with such expertise, I feel like I have journeyed on the high seas of emotion.

  3. The impact of reading this is like having that window shattered in your face, and the fragments cutting everywhere, part of the wind you describe. Just an excellent poem, Bjorn.

  4. There’s a chilling feel to this – of how a trauma can cause a soul to shut down completely until they don’t even have words anymore to describe their rawness.

  5. I love this. Excellent title. These are my favorites:

    by blowing shattering glances”

    “Doors are closed and locked,
    chains across my chest.”

    “The night is laced with need”

    “plagued by words

  6. A very pumped & powerful piece, & yes “sharkwind” will be adopted & stolen by many of us impressed with your wordsmithing; a bold endeavor for a great cause.

  7. I love the way you use the word “laced” in the title to imply a combination of drugs, which can be a metaphor for anything/anyone you’re desperate to smoke, snort, or inject into your veins.

  8. You nicely layer the vivid and ominous feeling words all through the first two stanzas. Unstitched words – unsaid words def scare me.

  9. by blowing shattering glances,
    gusts of words — as hail

    A sensitive person can be so affected even with innocent glances that appear piercing. Poets generally are saddled with this ‘ailment’ or they are not meant to be one. Great lines Bjorn!


  10. This is fantastic, Bjorn. Stellar writing! “from the sea a sharkwind blows.” I wish I’d written that! And your closing lines are incredible. Loved this!

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