enameled dreams

Allegro is a cross, nailed to lips
    its blood a lipstick smile,
    a heartbeat less than moonlight.
Allegro is November joy,
    the midnight cheer, the goal
    in unmade beds, the scores of lust.
Allegro is enameled dreams.

Piano by  Jacek Yerka

Piano by Jacek Yerka

Today we are doing older prompts at toads, and Margeret have three suggestions, myself I went with Laurie’s allegro prompt. I spent a little bit more than a minute on the poem, but not much more. List poetry goes quick, and can be good as draft for longer ones, basically I interpreted the cheerfulness of allegro as something quite artificial if viewed from the dark side. I will also link this to poetry pantry tomorrow.

September 26, 2015

30 responses to “enameled dreams

  1. Well I’m all for unmade beds at times…. but the word enamel seems to hit home and give this an eery shine… dreams that perhaps are elusive … because we have become hardened?

  2. Damn. Arresting image right up front.
    The cross nailed to the lips – and the bloody smile.

    Not sure I can unmake the bed
    with that image in my mind. Ha.

  3. Well, I would certainly say that this line, alone, was worth your time:
    “a heartbeat less than moonlight”
    The whole thing is gorgeous, but that line just wipes me out.

  4. This is beautifully done, Bjorn. I love how the poem looks on the page/screen. Such excellent phrasing with the repetition to enhance your theme. The word allegro gains in meaning as one reads on.

  5. Enamled dreams….so evocative. I think of brilliant colors fired onto metal – bold or delicate, the porcelain topped enameled kitchen table I inherited from my grandmother and all the food prepared on it or quick small meals eaten there with the companionship – all the things enamel brings to mind. And that incredible line: a heartbeat less than moonlight….oh how I wish I had written that!

  6. Whew. Allegro leaves little time for the enamel to harden. For some reason I kept thinking of bugs in amber while reading this–what a way to be preserved! I wonder if it’s accessible to mayflies whose blessing, cross and curse is to make love once and then die?

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