Winds of change

Once a wall, dividing, 
rot from rot
we felt a gentle breeze at first
blowing in the wind, a flame in hand,
      the winds of change,
breaking bricks and tumbling walls,
borders gone as we were one.

That night when hands could reach and touch,
a wave of light, we sang
     the praise to winds of change.

But from the desert rose, a mistral breath,
     another wind of change,
plastic bags in hand.
Water filling gently
     footsteps in the sand.

We ceased, and looked 
      no longer singing.

Razor wire fenced, 
we now are aging men believing
       we can stop this wind of change.

Stone and brick by Jacek Yerka

Stone and brick by Jacek Yerka

I submit a second poem to Toni’s prompt on Change at dVerse Poetics. This is inspired by the winds of change we once felt, and the raising of walls that is happening again.

September 15, 2015

21 responses to “Winds of change

  1. Today, I feel like I am helpless to effect any change. Looking at the world around me, melting permafrost, extinction of species (even so simple a thing as “heirloom” breed of pigs, they are still a loss to us, the refugees….I feel a good cry coming on. This is a great poem. thank you for writing to the prompt for submitting another one as well – this one.

  2. Those were the heady days when the walls came down ~ It is sad those fences coming up again ~ A timely and relevant write Bjorn about the current world affairs ~ Thanks for the second share ~

  3. This is just one of those songs that resonate from a time in my life, so I could listen to that for a long time just to live in the memories. We took down a wall, but far too many fences still exist to keep us separated.

  4. This is haunting, but at the same time, filled with hope. Change is all around us, all the time, and this gives me hope that a change is coming for the better.

  5. Walls broken to let in, walls built to keep out…surreal isn’t it, how history repeats? (The writing desk/table saw crafts sharp words.)

  6. Those razor-wire fences break my heart. I understand the fear of accepting refugees, but how would those who erect the fences feel if *they* were the ones fleeing?

  7. How we DID believe we could change the world…I`m still hoping …if I don’t what have we to give to our children and grandchildren? Such a heart wrenching poem and yet, real:( I must share this with my daughter…she went to the 50th anniversary concert of Scorpions last night.

  8. These are such difficult problems–I think, honestly, most migrants would rather stay where they are if they could stay. How to solve these problems in those home countries–so difficult– Your poem describes the poignancy and some of those difficulties–

    I am happy that you had a good trip to England! k.

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