Our voices are volcanoes

Abyss, your eyes are calling, tempting darkly,
over midnight waves, on wings I’m falling.
In sun the wax is melting, but on skies I soar.
My feet, once lead, have lost their care for ground.

We are the estuary; my river meets your sea,
I’m kelp, and palmtrees in the sand, rooted once,
you are the dolphin, freed, and in the song of moons
in force we dance, we are the sudden tsunami.

Our voices are volcanoes — violently soft
we are the trade winds on the Southern Seas
evermore persistent, on wings the albatross
eroding shorelines, we are the waves and sand
no longer waiting together we are your change.
we are no slaves, our earth is soil and sea.

The wave by Erte

The wave by Erte

Today we are writing poetry about change at dVerse Poetics, guided by Toni. We have to do it in under 24 lines or 200 words, which I do by writing a free-verse sonnet, more symbolism of changes we need to do..

September 15, 2015

19 responses to “Our voices are volcanoes

  1. NIce link to Icarus in the opening. When we try there is a chance we will fail, there is risk, and that is all right. To me the contrast between that and the end is the end feels like natural unforced change. The ocean erodes and carries away to other places but it has done that forever. And we fear the changes it makes and try to control it.

  2. I enjoyed the back and forth of this poem, the flow. I especially liked “we are the estuary; my river meets your sea.” Your poem flowed like that river, with the waves and the sand!

  3. I love each nod to nature, from river to sea, to kelp and trade winds of Southern seas ~ The ending just sums it up for me powerfully:

    we are no slaves, our earth is soil and sea.

    This is the mother of all changes & will never change ~ Love the voice of “we” ~

  4. I like this so very much. A free verse sonnet is most intriguing. I especially like the second stanza. We are the sudden tsunami…that is a most powerful line to me. Sometimes we have no idea of the impact and change we will have on another person or event.

  5. Wow, a free verse erotic & romantic sonnet between man & the fecund crux of nature. Like Toni, I loved the line /we are the sudden tsunami/. Good poetry has many layers, like onions; perhaps all the sensuality I detect is projection on my part; nice job.

  6. I find a lot of “in the midst of changing” imagery, almost in a revolution flashing before my eyes kind of way. I feel the speaker is becoming, or has become, the agent of change (the wind, volcano, and/or tsunami) in tandem with the other of the “We.” Two opposing forces shaping their world, maybe?

  7. I loved this, Bjorn. The imagery covers vast forces of nature and how we are tied so closely to it all. It feels somehow very majestic. I love that our voices are volcanoes…

  8. Our voices are volcanoes — violently soft

    Just one of the many spectacular expressions. A big play of contrast in just one sentence – violent yet soft, powerful!


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