a wake @2 AM

My dreams just died @ 2AM.
Sheet-entangled, pillow-crushed
tick-tock-clocked-aware bewared
my thoughts are grinded into grime.

@2 AM my mind is dwelling-dancing,
mumble-fumbling for illusions,
gasping-gripping in delusions
and for a wish of second winds
I’m suffocated in amnesia
acquainted by the night.

I’m twisting, turning absentminded,
(mind the gap)-awake tonight.
I’m waning in a wake
@2 AM my dreams are dead.

Death: My irony surpasses all others! by Odilon Redon

Death: My irony surpasses all others! by Odilon Redon

Today Anthony wants us to write a poem for 2 AM at dVerse Poetics. Whatever 2AM is OK, look on Instagram for inspiration. I went a little abstract with this one… Come and see how others write. Pub opens at 3PM EST.

May 18, 2015

40 responses to “a wake @2 AM

  1. I really think you did an excellent job with this poem Bjorn. The alliteration works smoothly, even using the @ symbol fits right in the way you have used it. >KB

  2. Yikes. Being unable to sleep it absolutely no fun. Especially when it is just you up with all the ghosts of that time of evening, when the veil draws thin.

  3. I love the way you split “awake” and turned it into “a wake,” ending the poem with “dead.” Perfect.

    The part about having a crush on your pillow is my favorite. 😛

  4. Hard when one’s dreams die at some point in the night & one is left struggling with all illusions and delusions! This kind of night can be a VERY long one. Your poem gives me the sense of that.

  5. I liked this! The alliteration, the rhythm gave a sense of tossing and turning, beating the pillow…a wake….dead. Really good for 2 a.m.

  6. “Wish for second winds” …
    love this line most of all.

    Hope you finally got to sleep. zzzzz.

  7. Excellent foray into fear & anxiety, disturbing within its macabre abstraction–when the mind will not go quiet, when stress & anxiety produce a Roger Corman 1960 American International drive-in historical horror film starring Vincent Price, with an aged Boris Karloff narrating the prelude to a Poe tale–with a little Kafka sprinkled on too. I like the lines /I’m suffocated in amnesia/acquainted by the night/.

  8. I like how the complex words make the moment feel heavy and difficult. Aren’t these moments painful? And we so much long to get back to those dreams.

  9. The same soundness of words butted together, “tick-tock-clocked” and “mumble-fumbling,” really add that weary, 2am , unable-to-keep-it-together-ness that I often feel at that time. A very fun read.

  10. a bit enigmatic, and the picture works perfectly with this…looks a bit like an ultrasound, and so my thoughts went to the loss of an unborn child…but it’s not quite an ultrasound either, and so many interpretations are possible.

  11. Yes.. to lose a dream of wonder.. is a place of much regret.. no wonders gained.. no wonders lost.. no wonders be.. when they are lost…

    But there is always morrow night..

    With more dreams coming in delight..:)

  12. Tossing and turning! That is quite a bother if sleep is difficult. Mostly at 2am it happens, very familiar experience for most!


  13. …after sound sleeping, the mind awakes and we cannot turn it off. great sounds of restlessness and frustration here…it happened to me just the other night..for the life of me I couldn’t re-start the dream..it was gone

  14. My own acquaintance with 2 am is a bit abstract as well and you poem is quite a good illustration of the 2 am feeling.

  15. I can relate to this restlessness. I really like your hyphenated words..
    “dwelling-dancing, mumble-fumbling for illusions, gasping-gripping in delusions”.

  16. This is a hard-hitting set of words that are almost thrown. You have a wonderful ear for language and each lexical item here seems to have a hard-edge. You caught 2 am so well.

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