Boys and worms at 2AM

At 2 AM as shades dissolve;
a blackbird gets his worm
before the break of dawn.

The young man, still alone
drink the final drops
and crush the empty beer can
in empty hands at 2 AM
recalls rejection by the girl
with flowers in her hair.

He tells the blackbird of his loss
the first of many he will see.
At 2 AM the spring is worst
for drunken boys and worms.

Spring by Odilon Redon

Spring by Odilon Redon

I simply had to do a second for the 2AM prompt at dVerse. To me 2AM brought back memories of being rejected as young, and in late in spring comes very early.

May 19, 2015

24 responses to “Boys and worms at 2AM

  1. I’m glad you posted another. This truly brings back the times I sat alone with my friends having gone on to other adventures and being rejected by the rejected. This brings on a feeling of desolate autumn though instead of spring, for me.

  2. She obviously never read your poems or she’d give up every flower in her hair and thought in her head for you.

    What a beautiful poem.

  3. A nice character pairing and blackish mood. Was the worm bait? The title pulled me in.

  4. Oy, I hope he does not have a long stumble home at 2 AM. Depending on how many cans it took to assuage the memory of her.

  5. Teen angst, so potent, those hormones bubbling, those emotions cascading like a rogue Roman candle; I remember countess nights in the late 50’s when myself & buddies struck out with the ladies; part of it was being a kid from a poor family, part of it was my dance card waiting to be filled & refilled in college.

  6. Ah, the pains of youth! Vividly recollected and recreated in- I trust – tranquility.

  7. 2am and bars of life.. is a drunken brew of hopes of life.. sometimes the flowers of girls live.. in hopes of young men’s dreams.. but the drink goes on.. as long as 2am.. comes again..:)

  8. Teen years are already difficult enough, much less having to put up with rejection, discord of any kind; some patterns stick with us for life, or we learn to be stronger for them. or both.

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