Shaken and stirred
awake from dreams in morning blur
it seams
a cup of coffee and my ride to work
will wake me up for:
a spreadsheet struggle, negotiation haggle
outlook inbox brimming
words are processed for
a lunch-tray (shaken not stirred)
paid with office meeting
and when it ends I’m riding home
a glimpse of sky and soon my dreams again
(sleeping in my spreadsheet)
embrace my Monday recipe.

My recipe for my own prompt at toads turned out to be a little ditty in awe of Monday.

19 responses to “Monday

  1. Somehow, this takes me back years ago to a friend who after a rant at a poetry reading, left it all to go to New Mexico and make pottery and write sonnets. That was in 1973.

  2. oh dear, i am now retired, but remember the days of the stir and the commute to work and then back hope to prepare for yet another day another shake and stir

    nice response

    much love…

  3. I love the cyclical condensed quality of this, Bjorn…awesome the glimpse of sky…so important to connect with the sky, I think…

    Thank you, for the challenge! 🙂

  4. I like it, Bjorn. I dropped out of the rat race and began a new career in midlife, teaching business at a college. More time working, on the job and at home, but lots less stress.

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