Your doom and smothered pleas

Recalling sting of sudden words unsheathed.
in tear of tears, a gem you saved till last,
just like before our monsters bared their teeth:
to let us dawdle still, forever in our past.
with mended bridges — as it was before,
we searched direction and the sky was vast:
digesting the disasters of divorce;
From tears that germinate in ice-cold wine
I found in you: my songs, my wells of force;
we were like oaks and let our roots entwine
rekindled love again in bluebells’ freeze
with darkness lurking deep among the pines.
Your trembling voice was soaked in smothered pleas:
in summer’s knell: a quiver in the breeze.

Death seizing a woman by Kathe Kollwitz

Death seizing a woman by Kathe Kollwitz

So I tie up my sonnet corona, with this made out of the last lines of the all the other sonnets. I had to change them a little to make some sense, and I would definitely need to work with the whole series a lot more. This is something I will do at some point, but right now I need a rest from sonnets, as I’m sure you all do as well. I will link this one up to Tuesday platform at toads.
Preceding sonnets can be found here:Bluebells, The tear of tears, Before the monsters, When we had built a nest, Let’s mend the bridges, Your icicles, Our highway through the sky, The emptiness of brine, Of carnivores and feeble frills, Silver filigree, Your words: perfume, A pair of crows, The poison spell and My platform tomb.

April 27, 2015

17 responses to “Your doom and smothered pleas

  1. Wow, I can’t even fathom how you sustained the energy to accomplish this piece, with its intricate rhymes and meaning, from combining all the others. I will confess that my attention span is far too short for such an endeavor. I am mightily impressed, and really like the cold embrace of this sonnet. Whoosh! Take a nap, man.

  2. Wonderful sonnet again Bjorn! One can feel the despair and the fright when death approaches. Your sonnet brings out the reality of an episode that one can only guess and anticipate! And the sketch is fantastic!


  3. Oh my!! Bjorn…what an amazing idea to bring the collection together with this poem…you’ve done such masterful work to weave this together and you chose a favorite line of mine, “we were like oaks and let our roots entwine” so organic and passionate.

  4. What a mighty effort! And what an interesting process, to craft this final one out of the last lines of al the others. Yes, I can imagine you might be sonneted out by now, but when you have had a rest and then gone back and done some tweaking (or perhaps discovered none is needed) may I suggest they could make a nice chapbook?

  5. Great job, Bjorn–this almost my favorite as well–quite an accomplishment, and really amazing when one thinks that English not your first language. Thanks. k.

  6. Wow! That first line, I’m saying it aloud right now, “Recalling sting of sudden words unsheathed”, rebirths the poem. There was discord in the first version I read, but now there is battle. And it’s bloody and sad and heart-ripping…

  7. brilliantly done, Bjorn! I’m trying to write a Heroic Corona, but starting from the final piece, and then write the 14 preceding pieces after. My admiration for yours has gone up immensely, as I am seeing first-hand how difficult this is!

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