My platform tomb

From sorcerers within: your deadly doom
we wilted, waiting for your train to leave.
A panting breath we heard its hiss of fumes
you clung to life in pain, I fought to grieve
our loss; but in my anger soon forgot
to fill your cup and kiss your parchment skin.
We could have written songs, instead we fought
relentless schedules believing we could win
against the train you had been waiting for;
but soon the color of your bluebells waned
that night you smiled and opened up the door
and left me on the platform — I was slain
alone and sleeping underneath our trees:
the summer knell’s a quiver in the breeze.

train 2
This is linked to Magpie tales, and is the final installment of my crown of sonnet. The narrative can be followed all the way to this bitter end. I’m still not satisfied with the concluding sonnet that consist of the last lines of all the other sonnets, and I will need to go back and rework all the preceding ones to create that final heroic crown. Here are the sonnets so far: Bluebells, The tear of tears, Before the monsters, When we had built a nest, Let’s mend the bridges, Your icicles, Our highway through the sky, The emptiness of brine, Of carnivores and feeble frills, Silver filigree, Your words: perfume, A pair of crows and The poison spell

April 26, 2015

18 responses to “My platform tomb

  1. Are you seriously telling me that this beautiful poem consists only of last lines from your other beautiful poems? What kind of a genius are you! *envious smile* Again very dark and sad, but still so touching and soft.

    • No there is one more that will consist of only the first lines of all the 14 preceding sonnets.. but now the last line here is the first line in my first sonnet… But I have messed it up a little so I need to go back and modify a little… I think I might present my 15th on Tuesday.

      • Mad! Brilliant, but mad! *smile* (hoppas du inte tar mig alltför allvarligt… Jag är bara alldeles fruktansvärt imponerad)

  2. this is beautiful and quite touching. such a sorrowful ending, it tugs at my heart and the corners of my eyes.

    when you mentioned your intent to make this an heroic crown, I wondered how the lines would play together at the end. I imagine, that is the trickiest part of the puzzle. I look forward to seeing how you finally bring all of these together…a daunting task I imagine.

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