Our highway through the sky

We seek direction and the sky is vast
your words are braille and the constellations cut
our hemisphere in yours and mine to shut
the future out; but as the moon has cast
its dice and sliced a highway now at last
we seek the seed-pods of what’s lost. but
no longer cornered we can find the route
— to shaded dwellings; moving not too fast,
as we have left the dread of spreadsheet proofs
with wings still scorched we stay below the clouds
not seek the sun, we’ve changed, we have reformed
the lesson that we’ve learned — that roofs
and ceilings hide the cowardice of crowds
digesting the disasters of divorce.

mirror (1)
This is my 7th entry in the sonnet crown, and since I wanted to make it a heroic crown, I have still 7 to go (with the 8th bonus one consisting of the first lines). Linked to Magpie tales since I thought the picture would fit.

Previous sonnets: Bluebells, The tear of tears, Before the monsters, When we had built a nest, “Let’s mend the bridges” and Your icicles

April 20, 2015

24 responses to “Our highway through the sky

  1. some wonderful metaphors in this, Bjorn. Especially liked “the constellations cut/our hemisphere in yours and mine to shut/the future out”. Looking forward to the next installments!

  2. Looking for what is lost sometimes good thing, sometimes better to make new memories… ~ love the idea don’t stay connered…

  3. I like the visuals in this and how it continues to build quite nicely from its predecessors. I also must admit, as you are slowly rounding the halfway mark that I am quite impressed over all at this undertaking….probably mostly due to the fact that sonnets are far from my favorite form to right…though I do so enjoy the sound of them.

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  8. Divorce is often very painful and destructive. Your use of verbs that express injury, hurt and pain (as in cut, diced, sliced, scorched) is inspired.

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