A cross to bear

A cross to bear
my name, unfur(l)s to
winter hibernation
and unprovoked aggression,

To be is not the bee
as honey stings —
when stolen from your nest.

Or with protective arms
my charms and strength
You find a rest with me,
so after all at length:
I bear my name with pride.

'Fairy Tales: Teremok. Mizgir' by  Heorhiy Narbut

‘Fairy Tales: Teremok. Mizgir’ by Heorhiy Narbut

Today at toads I have the prompt and the challenge is to take the meaning of your name and weave a poem around it. My own name is simple as it means bear. I thought I do some wordplay on my name and keep it short.

April 20, 2015

20 responses to “A cross to bear

  1. I love the illustration you chose, and must admit, I have a weakness for all kinds of toy bears – do they count?! *smiles*

  2. Bjorn is a name of tradition, masculinity and with a bear totem! Who wouldn’t be proud?


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