Let’s mend the bridges

Venetian Capriccio by Francesco Guardi

Venetian Capriccio by Francesco Guardi

To let us dawdle- stay forever in our past
please let my fingers race and nudge your nape
and let the silver moonbeams slice the glass
of windows as before, to tempt, invite the snake.
Let’s splice our legs, retie our knots again,
and spend another starlit night awake,
forever is too short in velvet chains
on sheets as shackles, let us live on dreams
of undulating moves and drink Champagne
to soak and stretch like saplings seek the stream
ignore the crags and boulders meet the shore
where we find warmth, alive to burn the schemes
of ends, this deed unsigned declaring war
let’s mend the bridges — make it as before.

Today Kerry want’s is to use quotes from either Leonard Nimoy or Sir Terry Pratchett at Toads. I worked a little opposite trying to find the quote that fitted the next installment of my Sonnet Corona, and when I saw Nimoy’s final tweet, I felt it fitted what I wanted to use. Sorry for making it backward.
Previous sonnets: Bluebells, The tear of tears, Before the monsters and When we had built a nest.

63 responses to “Let’s mend the bridges

  1. We need memories to build a future, but we mustn’t get stuck in them. Wonderful write – as always!

  2. I like the ideas of retying the knots, ignoring crags and boulders, of mending the bridges…and moving forward! The past IS past.

  3. Such yearning in this. The oblique rhymes add to the sense of things not quite broken but not quite whole either. A sensual pleading, a desire to get back to that special, magical time. The last two lines rhyme perfectly and reflect the desire for the bridge to be mended.

  4. “Let’s splice our legs, retie our knots again, and spend another starlit night awake” This is beautiful. Your poem speaks of rekindling. I have been married almost 45 years. We have survived because of seasons of rekindling. Such a beautiful poem

  5. Your language is luscious…and the form so rich. It’s all so well done, but I especially like this section:

    Let’s splice our legs, retie our knots again,
    and spend another starlit night awake,
    forever is too short in velvet chains
    on sheets as shackles, let us live on dreams…

  6. forever is too short in velvet chains..

    What an amazing line in a sonnet with resounds with passion throughout. The quote is the perfect compliment to your work.

  7. it can be hard to stay in the past, but to remember it, bask in it, and build off of it…well that has future possibilities.

  8. I loved it. Beautiful and vivid and so engaging with all the different sights and smells and feelings. Beautifully penned. 🙂

  9. Can we make it as before..or will the echoes of the broken bridges remain…i sense not..for me this is a poem of love…of enduring love maybe…where the past, present and future get tangled in the sheets and all are worth fighting for..

  10. Sadly we are like a river moving endlessly on. We are never the same and would hardly fit in the past we yearn for as that has washed out to sea,

  11. The way you put it, the work of restoring and reigniting over and over again could be ever so much more satisfying than merrely staying alive.

  12. Agree with all preceding comments – a poem so luscious and pulsing with sensuality it warns the page and begs to be eaten with a spoon. Delicious 🙂

  13. Sweet, perfect memory is all the more painful when we realize we can’t go back. Nice write. You hit a nerve. It is lovely to remember things beyond crags and boulders that are so easy to see.

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  15. This is so beautifully written Bjorn. It is a dream in itself. A good one, to mend bridges. I like the hope in this and I love your use of language.

  16. The past defines us and it’s always good to relive those moments, even the painful ones. Be it in war or any form of relationship. Thanks for the read, Bjorn.

  17. the thought of mending is very positive especially by ignoring the crags and boulders..the attempt has to be rewarding…the wealth of imagery makes it such a pleasant read…

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  22. This is beautiful. I like how the memories are used as a means, or encouragement, to make a future… remembering the good times and wanting to bridge back to the feelings of the time.

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  24. For me this poem had a ballad-esque quality. It is very romantic. I can envision it set to music. And it actually does tell a story (in a very creative way) of what once was. Wonderful!

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