When we had built a nest

Just like before our monsters bared their teeth
in early dawn when we had built a nest
of warmth, and like a butterfly you breathed
and pressed a feline spine against my chest.
We broke our slumber but we stayed in bed
to linger lazily and stay undressed.
Before the bluebells in your gaze fell dead,
when frantic fingertips we dived to depths
before the heated warmth of summers fled
into the cold of nights when heavy steps
and echoes of enchantments seemed to last
before we battled with our legal texts.
The turn we never took, I could have asked
to let us dawdle- stay forever in our past

Bird's nest from The American Visionary Art Museum

Bird’s nest from The American Visionary Art Museum

Lolamouse invites us to write poetry to the art from AVM at toads, and somehow the bird’s nest fitted to the progression of my Sonnet Corona.. previous installments are here (“Bluebells“, “The tear of tears” and “Before the monsters“). Only 11 sonnets to go.

April 16, 2015

27 responses to “When we had built a nest

  1. Ah, Bjorn, I’m impressed by your Sonnet’s power…~ for me staying in the past has no perspective…souls want to evolve…let them….and you do it: look at your poetic talent blooming with each new sonnet, go to read some… wish you inspiration for the rest of 11 :)x

  2. Sometimes one would wish to stay in the past, I think…when one enjoyed that heated warmth of summer. Unfortunately, those times do pass…all too soon.

  3. You weren’t kidding when you said we used the next differently. In your poem the nest, at least the safety of it, is a thing of the past. While in mine, the next is the final step before starting to live as an adult.

    I feel for the speaker. To want to live in the past is a terrible, bittersweet thing…

  4. What a powerful poem. That urge to stay in the past and within the shelter of a warm nest is so strongly evoked here.

  5. Nice poem, nice rhyme, nice meter, Björn. Really good thoughts.
    I believe that in our lifetime we have had the best of times of the world’s best. We should leave intact and preserve the nests of the obsolete and the extinct as a reminder to be better stewards of our earth.

  6. The Sonnet Corona is ambitious! But the writing seems to get better and better as you go along.

  7. Each of these sonnets is really doing an excellent job of capping and continuing the others–here I loved this line especially, ‘like a butterfly you breathed/and pressed a feline spine against my chest…’ and the whole mood is indeed like a vision of the misty past, before the axe of the legal texts descends. You are rising well to your challenges here, Bjorn.

  8. I adore this form of sonnet you wrote! It flows so beautifully but is so sad. The desire to linger in the past is sometimes so strong. Thanks for participating!

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