Untethered from the winter’s seal

Like lead: still burdened by the winter’s seal
come break it, have the yoke of onus banned
With sun’s delight, we say farewell to night
a blowing wind, to lift this pregnant veil

and wake from sleep: the verdant vale;
let purple hedgerows scent the dawn; enlighten night;
as we are setting sail, for sea to smash the seal
of sullen snowdrift, melt the ice, and let the band

of golden gulls and daffodils; unbanned.
and doom the hail, the gale, and like the seal
who dances with the waves — unveiled
we meadow-barefoot challenge night,

and by the river meet the spring, a knight
his cyclops-eye, a Midas’ lamp above, unveils
a sky of indigo and shells — conducts the band
of diamond daggers, slash-destroy the winter’s seal.

Perfume me in your vale, untethered lift the broken seal
as netherworld of night by songs are shunned and banned.

A photo from Madeira manipulated by me.

A photo from Madeira manipulated by me.

Today I present my Quartina at toads, it’s a form I have invented myself and it is a downscaled sestina, making it a little bit easier to cope with. Having listened the whole day to Poetry by Tomas Tranströmer who died earlier this week, some of his metaphors might have inspired me. I will also link this to PU tomorrow morning.

45 responses to “Untethered from the winter’s seal

  1. Hey Bjorn–very well done. I did not realize Transtromer had died–I like him very much. (I’ve been a bit out of it this week.) Thanks. k.

  2. I really enjoyed your wordings here, Bjorn. In part, it feels like it pays homage to the arrival of spring,and then again the ending has a a mythological feel which adds another dimension. I also like how you manipulated the photo – lovely!

  3. The form is spectacularly done Bjorn ~ That third stanza stands out for me with the undulating waves ~ Admiring the word pairing: meadow-barefoot, slash-destroy ~ That ending couplet is perfume of night songs ~ You make this look easy, smiles ~

  4. I think this poem is amazing, both in technique and content. It is a pleasure to read, while noting the slight changes to meaning of the chosen words. I especially liked the uses of ‘seal’.

  5. Bjorn, I am not familiar with the form, but I feel there is the need to set sail untethered from winter into the land of spring..unveiled longing to inhale a breath of warm air..

  6. Not tried this form. Appears to be very challenging. You’ve done it very well coupled with great poetic language! Great write Bjorn!


  7. So that’s how it’s supposed to be done! *grin* Beautiful! And on a grey, cold and rainy Stockholm day like today I love it even more! Storartat!

  8. I love this form, was trying to identify it as I was reading, thanks for the note underneath. It sings, it uplifts, your word choices are gorgeous. This is one of my faves of yours, Bjorn. Just stellar writing!

  9. ”let purple hedgerows scent the dawn; enlighten night;”

    Lovely word play to ignite the senses, Bjorn. Spring is in gear, not fully, but slowly, its roots will sprout above ground, where snow has finally disappeared, making way for a fresh unveiling.


  10. Wow….I loved this form and the many images you brought forth here….as we are just beginning to see spring’s slow walk, I felt the passion of this poem…

    ‘and wake from sleep: the verdant vale;
    let purple hedgerows scent the dawn; enlighten night’

    Oh to see winter go and spring move into the spotlight. Well done here Bjorn!

  11. Great photo manipulation. I enjoyed your poem so much. We all have dark, icy places that need the seal broken. I’m impressed with your form. That’s probably one of the most creative things to do – to develop your own form. You’re a man of many talents Bjorn. So nice to know you.

  12. I liked the cut-out photo, Bjorn.

    The poem is a like a song or a celebratory plea. Spring’s here but in some ways winter memories linger.

    Midas and his golden touch 🙂

  13. Well, now I’ll have to try this myself–this is lovely. Except I had to keep reminding myself that you were breaking restraints/emblems and not animals! Sorry. Quite a plea up into the cosmos.

  14. This one of yours is nice too, I like it a little better than your Challenge post. What I liked best were the seasons, the snow, flowers, the storm, and the river.
    Thank you for this challenge, yes, it also took me about three hours with no time for mellowing or proofreading. I did keep it in iambic pentameter which worked well for me.
    On the challenge comment I left the following:
    Well, Bjorn, I liked this one also. You made a good choice. It took more time for me to compose though.
    I wrote my end words first, then wrote lines that fit with each other and as a not used meaning or context for each of the four words.
    More proofreading might confuse me??


  15. I have not seen this form before. It’s very interesting. Your wording brings so much imagery and I like that 🙂 I really love the title as well. Something about it really got me.

  16. I came back for another read from Toads. I love it even more second time through. My heart lifts up at some of the lines…….the imagery is gorgeous and the rhythm so enjoyable to read.

  17. I seem to have missed this piece earlier. It struck me as having a rather Midsummer Night’s Dreamlike quality to it – albeit breaking winter’s seal. A lovely medieval-esque phraseology to some of the lines – channelling a bit of the Bard, me thinkes. A stellar write: Just wonderful!

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