A heavy cart


His breath, a heavy cart
beguiled with mud
so near his journey’s end
He’s wigged with ash — his crown
has sliced the shade
with threads and filaments —
a jellyfish to clot the wall
with vomit of the ferryman.

Yet, with stinking peals he begs,
he asks for yet another dreamless night
a night of frozen kilns
a night of fortressed guilt
a night of nights
a night to end his nights.

Cathetered – drop by drop
a heavy cart has stopped

Linked to dVerse Open Link Night. I have been on vacation, and wrote this from words captured in my readings of “His dark Material”.
April 10, 2014

28 responses to “A heavy cart

  1. Oooh, a sombre one there – lovely to hear from you, by the way, even on holiday! Some startling images there ‘wigged with ash’, the jellyfish clotting the wall, cathetered and that final arresting stop.

  2. this reminds me of a village we saw in France near Melisey – where the villagers were used like mules to push the wood cutting carts up and down the slopes. Some endure hardship beyond comprehension.

  3. This is a very somber poem, almost chokes me as I read it…. A night to end his nights <—quite a difficult way to go. Glad to see you back, Bjorn. Hope you are rested from your time away!

  4. The darkness of your poem made me wonder whether any event or news triggered these lines. I too find the idea of a night to ‘end his nights’ to be very powerful and to convey great pain.

  5. A night to end all nights ~ Whew, this is heavy, filled with despair, till the end ~ How lovely to read you again Bjorn ~ Hope you are well rested from your vacation ~

  6. What begins as a lament for the dying transitions into a dirge. The heavy cart of his breath – a powerful, visceral metaphor. The burden of the struggle: onerous and laborious.

  7. A forest of the heart.. of the soul.. of the spirit.. of the flesh and blood as burned forest.. can never know the dreams of life in trees of leaves of grass set free..:)

  8. Great to see your title pop up on the RT blogroll. I hope you had a good vacation. You have returned with some rather deep and twisty thoughts here. The heavy cart is the perfect medium for your description .

  9. Wow Bjorn. This one is so real, one can feel the inner drama of this person wanting one more dreamless night. This is such good and such strong writing. Hope you had a good time on vacation.

  10. Such a sensiive depiction of the indignities one ultimately faces. It is, indeed, a heavy cart that one pulls to the end, and the wish for one last night….

  11. Had me right there, at the river Styx, with the hooded boatman who has no eyes, limbs heavy as concrete, breath labored, life review spinning on fast forward, all too soon after such a brief visit; wow, ass-kicking, brother. I liked the lines /the jellyfish to clot the wall/with vomit of the ferryman/.

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