Cherry blossom tears

Bending into blue
cherry blossom waits,
shy — undressed
like you
blushing — blessed.

With fingers weaved
we knew, we saw
the tears of spring,
clinging ‘fore it fell
to songs of soil.

Corey invites us to write poetry to the spring at toads. no spring here yet, just yearning, and recalling. I wanted to try something really short this time. Just a fragment trying to say as much as possible.

March 26, 2015

24 responses to “Cherry blossom tears

  1. Spring is on the way for you, Bjorn. We’ve had it here since the end of February and our blooms are in their third iteration (Pear trees, Red Bud trees, now Azaleas and already threatened by Texas Bluebonnets).

    Is your second stanza, third line like you meant, “the tears or spring” or did you want it to say “the tears for spring”?

  2. It says enough and more Bjorn. I am a sucker for the romance, it drives me to another place every time. This is shy, consuming and desperate in all the right places. I love it. thanks for writing….I really appreciate it.

  3. I’ve always thought of spring as the season of hope, joy and rebirth that just blends into summer, and never, until now, thought of the fact that even spring has an end, a death… But the last two lines made me stop and take pause. Love it!

  4. Love the sweet mood of this. I read the second stanza as a deepening, maturing of love going through the spring rains necessary to nourish the earth. Maybe I’m just an optimist 🙂

  5. Hey Bjorn–these are my favorite cherry blossoms in a way–I think they are called an American cherry–my street was lined with them growing up–and they branch out into blue as you say–a lovely double-meaning there. k.

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