I dream of omelets

The order form I placed
for sultry dreams of babes
contained a minor fault,
I tried to place a call,
correcting my mistake
I might have raised my voice a bit:

“I wanted chicks and legs,
but now my nights are filled
with chicken eggs”

The android operator said:
“I’m really sorry
but you’ve paid your bill,
we must decline,
to make your wish come through,
but to compensate a little bit
we can add some heat
and give you omelette –
Have a nice night”

So every night since then
I dream
of choices to be made
for onions or tomatoes
for spinach, mushrooms
for cheese and bacon
or the works.

I have written too much serious stuff lately, this is not…

February 23, 2015

22 responses to “I dream of omelets

  1. Indeed. Those android operators will get you every time. Although, if you were here, there is in town a “gentleman’s” club that specializes in breakfast served by topless waitresses. I’m glad you did not order there, it is no telling what you have received. I think the most frequent menu item is fried chicken legs with eggs – legs ‘n eggs….A good laugh is always in order.

  2. hahahaha…well that is quite the different kind of dreams…lol…though can be just as tasty if you make the right decisions…smiles.

    legs n eggs….hmmm…kanzen, that does not sounds bad at all…

  3. We’d surely perish without seeing the humorous side of life.. I quite fancy an omelette with the works!

  4. Haaaaa….that was too funny!!! As I get older sometimes I drem of omelette a as well rather than chicks and legs. Although I’ll take a chicks and legs dream where we are eating omelettes over both!!!! Very good!

  5. Ha ha, this makes me laugh, Bjorn. It reminds me of some conversations I have with Siri on my phone. Occasionally she understands something totally different than what I said…. maybe it is my accent? (smiles)

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