The black knight’s deed

A knight in shining black, anonymous — his lance
without a single mark, and see the princess’ glance,
selects him over lords and all the greedy baronets.
She ties a silver cord around his lance — an amulet
to quench the rivalry of warriors that want her hand
despite their chivalry, they yearn to rule the land.
and listen you can hear them grind, daggers, axes for the kill
a tourney winner cannot mind, and only fools rely on skill.

See! as pale sun reflects on the black knight’s silent head
his unmarked shield deflects the blows that wish him dead,
and every suitor of the princess fall, his aim still good and arm
is stronger than them all, they fail to cause him any harm.
His steed is proud and black and when he felled his foes
he leaves his maiden all alone to music of departing hooves.
She’s saved from suitors greed but still a single tear
shed for gallantry and deeds but for the knights remain their fear.

Orlando Furioso by Gustave Doré

Orlando Furioso by Gustave Doré

Today we are having a ball at dVerse. A real torney with knights and ladies and whatever you want to have.

February 24, 2015

36 responses to “The black knight’s deed

  1. You have really taken the reader back to those times, Bjorn. I can definitely see why the princess selected the black knight. Ha, I am sure he had many suitors, but it sounds as though he is quite elusive. (I may be wrong there.)

  2. interesting line about “only fools rely on skill”. Give your black night a bit of a sinister feel…but yet he is the princess’s choice. Great tale!

  3. a rather enchanting read bjorn…i am still figuring on how i feel about him…he defended her…yet he is unwilling to commit…perhaps duty is more important for him than the heart….

  4. He sure is a strong man but to leave the maiden all alone to music of departing hooves is a sad turn ~ Admiring the rhyming verses 🙂

    I enjoyed the story of the black knight Bjorn ~ Enchanting tale of black knight ~

  5. This is so wonderfully dense and filled with rich imagery… It seems the black knight always gets away, does he not? His heart always belongs to the one he cannot have.

  6. Yes, that’s exactly how I think of those medieval tournaments – perhaps in rose-tinted spectacles… although I do wonder why he wanders off. Maybe the fight was more important to him than the prize?

  7. This is awesome! Great rhythm and I like the rhyme scheme. I love the first two lines of the second stanza:
    “See! as pale sun reflects on the black knight’s silent head
    his unmarked shield deflects the blows that wish him dead,”
    I like how you’ve made him anonymous. He comes, he defeats, and then he leaves. Peace, Linda

  8. Hmm..the black knight saved her, but then left unable to give her what she desired most. Makes me wonder did he do it for her or for him. as he wanted no other to have her? Just pondering.

  9. I can hear this spoken aloud: a wonderful opening salvo of an epic legend (flashback or flash forward . . . hm-m-m, can’t decide) – that dissolves into a medieval musical prelude – on the strings of a lute, I think, as we hold our breath and wait . . . for the rest of the story. But I digress. Smiles – and nicely penned!

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  11. ‘only fools rely on skill’

    that is a *killer* line, Sir Bjorn. damn. fine pen, too, on the presence, and absence, of chivalry ~

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