Laughing hell

My laughing hell
is puke of rollercoaster thrills
it is sticky candy-floss
clinging to your carious teeth.
It is the ferris wheel that stops
when you reached the top
It is the spin of lucky wheels
where purple teddy bears are
frisking you for coins.
It is tepid beer gone stale
It is degrading popcorn stains
on your trousers’ crotch
It is the kiss she never gives

My laughing hell
is everything you lost
because you lacked the fare.

clown 1
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October 22, 2015

19 responses to “Laughing hell

  1. Oh, that sticky candy floss sticking to one’s teeth would be a nightmare indeed. I really can’t do ‘sickeningly sweet’ any more.

  2. So many times life is like this…we are forced into a false gaiety and what is supposed to be fun is ugly with no hope of getting better. this is quite a feeling of a poem.

  3. It’s life.. and life is one big rollercoaster full of ups and downs and we win some and we lose some. It’s exciting at times, and other times, it’s scary.. but still all we can do is buckle up and hold on tight.. Job well done Bjorn!

  4. Each one of these is its own kind of hell. The worst would be the roller coaster that stops when it reaches the top. Yikes!! That would be a nightmare.

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