A solicitors note

Bree was out of options; lost in life’s maze of betrayals, mistakes and jealousy. The embossed letter bearing the golden insignia of Jack’s solicitor felt cold as a coffin nail.

Gripping the paper knife she considered if it was sharp enough for an end; but finally she decided to open the envelope.

Surprised she saw that it only contained a single handwritten note:

Jack has decided not to challenge the pre-nup, next time we can meet as man and woman

Smilingly Bree put her nose to the note, kissed its smell; a ray of hope penetrating her darkness.

Copyright – Melanie Greenwood

Copyright – Melanie Greenwood

So this week I went for a romantic tale. Not my usual style and I feel that the narrative a bit like a cliche, and I feel like I might be contacted by Harlequin next. I still think writing things out your comfort zone is one of the purposes of blogging. He he.

Friday Fictioneers is a blogging community that write fiction to the same picture each week. 100 words a narrative and you are ready. It’s run by our chief Rochelle Wissoff-Fields.

As there is some doubt about the ending I add a poll on what you think is the most likely outcome of the story.

February 4, 2015

68 responses to “A solicitors note

  1. Well, Jack certainly chose the wrong solicitor here. It probably won’t be long before Rick is defrocked or whatever they do to solicitors if he continues in this vein. Run, Bree, run.

  2. It’s a-MAZE-ing all the different themes we have this week for this one picture. I always like romance, as does most of the world. Remember, it is absolutely the biggest selling genre of novels around the world, bar none. It always has been and, no doubt, always will be. So, hey, maybe you WILL get a call from Harlequin. I love to make myself step out of my comfort zone too. And I did that this week as well. But I do love the way you set up the story and your take on the “maze.”

  3. She’s a happy woman, and I’m glad she now has a ray of hope to lead her out of the maze. You’re good at romance, Bjorn. You’ve got me wondering all sorts of things about these characters.

  4. Dear Björn,

    You’ve packed an entire romance novel into this piece. I read it a couple of times to get it, but I didn’t mind. 😉 I enjoyed the read. Smiling.



  5. So are you modelling this foray into romance on Nicolas Sparks or Barbara Cartland? 🙂

    I applaud the stretch into romance – not somewhere I have gone yet in my own writing, and I find it more daunting than erotica.

    IMO – I think you did well. ‘Kissed the smell’ of the letter… a particularly great line.

  6. I really liked how you focused on the ray of sunshine in the picture as opposed to the maze while still giving a nod to the maze. The line about Bree considering a final option before she opened the letter added depth to the story. I guess I was confused by the ending though. Was Bree happy because she was free or because she was having an affair with Rick?

  7. I too stepped out of my writing comfort zone and went with a romantic theme this week (sort of). It must be the picture that inspired all the love 🙂
    Great story!

  8. New to the challenge myself but I’m already liking pushing myself to write something more short and precise. It’s great seeing what everyone else came up with too! 😀

    I’m wondering what she will do and how exactly this came to be, her and Rick. Has it already happened? Or is that the implied progression of the story? That next time they will meet for real not as his solicitor and she the divorcee…Hmm…? Nice job.

  9. The letter arrived at a very appropriate time. Bree’s wandering, lost in the maze, suddenly ends and she can look to the future with a smile. Very sweet story – but in which direction will that ray of hope take her? I think she’s probably had enough of marriage for a while, though she may well test the waters with Rick. Interesting to speculate . . . Good one. 🙂

  10. Bjorn, I’m certainly not surprised that you are tackling the romance genre. I knew you had it in you. So much packed in here. Certainly, this could be your first romantic novel. You could include poetry in it. 🙂 Well done.

  11. Good morning Mr. Rudberg,
    My name is Holly Wood and I’m with Harlequin Romance. We’d like you to develop this into a film script. We plan to cast Rachel Bjerke as Bree, Perry Block as Jack, and the dashingly handsome Russell Gayer as Rick. Clean off a spot on your mantel for an Oscar.
    sincerely, Holly

  12. Romance is a nice diversion and doesn’t always have to lead any where at all. I hope Rick and Bree have a memorable celebration over the news.

  13. Bjorn,
    I like the phrase “cold as a coffin nail.” That’s awesome. The idea to include a poll was fun. I voted in the way I thought was “most obvious” only to find that several others had differing opinions. Great way to get reader interaction.

    All my best,
    Marie Gail

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