When will the summer melt my frozen tears?

I’m wading through the dirt of falling snow
when days are buried under too much snow
I’m stamping, waiting for a broken plough

The icy days are dark inside this fleece
of winter weather gods; I need my fleece
to wait for spring and winter weeks to cease.

I suffocate from whiffs of soggy wool
and dream of cotton clothes replacing wool
commuter train’s delayed and way too full

The nights are long but still it’s hard to sleep
and days are short while I’m awake in sleep
this month’s a sluggish crawl in snow too deep

In sodden sorrow hours feel like years
When will the summer melt my frozen tears?

Dirty snow
I found a cool form that I wanted to try. The blues sonnet. I wonder if I fulfilled the criteria.

February 3, 2015

25 responses to “When will the summer melt my frozen tears?

  1. Gosh – it sounds like winter has you trapped in it’s icy blast – I hope you get some sunlight and warmth soon. 🙂

  2. Yep, you fulfilled the requirements.
    But the whole things seems rather forced
    And i’ve never noticed that in your work before.


    Oh sorry for the shrieking. Need sun, stat!
    I think I wrote this form once before… I forget, what is it called? I love it, love how your repetition sounds and plays in this. Nice.

  4. I love the form, Bjorn, and the feelings in the poem animate it perfectly–the winter blues are hard to dig out from–sometimes we just have to wait for them to melt.

  5. The Blues Sonnet has its own challenges. Here form serves subject very well, as the repetition reinforces the sameness of weather and the sense of entrapment.

  6. It’s a bold move to use a rhyme scheme like that, repeating a word in the first lines of each stanza, but you make it work because of your theme. The repetitions drive it home. I feel your pain, man.

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