Ten times ten – for dVerse

Inspired from text fragment from Bleak House Chapter 31

The barking of a dog;
little old woman
perversely animated.

A wretched chimney piece
of a peculiar smell
curtsy cowering.

The crazy door
lifting carefully its veil
before the burial

The boy’s fancy,
immovable but heaving —
stifling sound of wheels.

Lurid glare
of feeble candles
premature the child
engaging confidence

Down the miry hill,
cramped hands gravely
minding garden gates.

Gloomy —
shudder in the wind
the fragment of a fur cap.

Quiet hands, folded —
wild night
in heavy intermission
drinking kilns.

Sullen lines of cloud —
gleaming faces
solemn as might be.

Froze his dry bones
heavily was half awake
glancing gone.


Today Victoria introduce the form created by Brian Miller 10 words. Recently I have read a number of Poems by Misky picking through the wonderful vocabulary of Bleak House by Charles Dickens a book I’m currently reading. Come join us at dVerse when we open at 3 PM EST.

January 15, 2014

44 responses to “Ten times ten – for dVerse

  1. the night in heavy intermission…that one jumped out at me…
    the curtsy cowering as well…you worked some haiku skills in here with some nice turns…solid bjorn

  2. I specially love that crazy door and gloomy parts ~

    Hey, this is a walk in the park for you Bjorn ~ Admiring that picture too ~

  3. Fascinating snippets, Bjorn. Your word use is really inspiring. And your imagery seems very Dickensonian as well as sometimes eerie (that crazy door – smiles)!

  4. Yeah! You chose a text it’s Bleak House at that! As I began reading I thought–these are bound to be gloomy–and then you began iv. with “gloomy.” Great work in setting the mood, Bjorn.

  5. all very “haikuish” in style. My favourite is the first one…I can’t help but picture a little old lady who can normally barely move…but finds a sudden burst of speed as she is frightened by a dog.

  6. You tore this prompt up, brother, echoes of haiku, found & blackout poetics, yet a perfect fit for Brian’s parameters; impressive for sure.
    I liked the lines /a wretched chimney piece/of a peculiar smell/curtsy cowering/.

    • I think that Basho once said that sometimes he didn’t understand more than 80% of his own poems. The rest of the 20% are for the reader to add. I think that might apply to VI. The image of drinking kilns is quite clear to me as the effect of deep fog for instance, but I think there might be a certain openness to other interpretations.

  7. Scary night with gloomy images and sounds of ‘crazy door’ and ‘stifling sound of wheels’ make me wanting to escape as fast as I can…real horror! your worked here awesomely!

  8. Ha! I love Bleak House so sure hope you are enjoying it, though from the look/sound of these, I’d say you are. I especially like I and VIII. Thank you.

  9. Bleak House is one of my favorite books–it is wonderful to see how you’ve translated an atmosphere of the text into those short pieces. Thanks. k.

  10. Wonderful! I got the sense, of my eyes flitting wildly from scene to scene, almost as if my life depended on some clue hidden in the emotive and charged description of each image.

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