Carpe Diem Haiku – Sogi’s “dewy evening”

Both grasses and trees
waiting for the moon
dewy evening

Write something for this and a troiku to me I especially like that portion about waiting, there is something special with dusk and dawn.


silver moon –
turning dew to gems
richness of the night


silver moon –
following its path
a gentle breeze

turning dew to gems –
kissed by dawn

richness of the night
burns in blazing sun
barefoot bliss

Dew and dusk by Hans Hoffman

Dew and dusk by Hans Hoffman

Linked to Carpe Diem
January 15, 2014

14 responses to “Carpe Diem Haiku – Sogi’s “dewy evening”

  1. This is enchanting. And I really enjoyed the troiku explanation at Carpe Diem – though I did have to fight my impulse to read left to right, as in:
    haiku haiku haiku

    which had me starting with the first horse and not the sleigh – a relic of the Greek and Latin system I learned my 3 r’s to, I suppose. (Though, I know, not all countries print words that way.) Very interesting, Bjorn.

  2. I thought that might happen when I hit “post”. The first haiku (or sleigh) was meant to appear centered over the middle haiku (or horse). Oh dear . . . moving on . . .

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