Some days are plastic garbage bags

Some Days are plastic garbage bags
barely floating in the murky water of a pond,
licked by hungry tongues of lizard’s fog
wriggling in my dirty socks.

Some days are spent wading ankle deep in slush
fumbling with those slippery plastic bags,
hiding what never should have seen the light.

Some days are dirty water fumbling,
clinging like a drowning man,
embracing like a saran wrap of consciousness,
pulling with the weight of sullen lead.

Some days smell suspiciously of dirty snow
icicles of broken sweat, decay of night
and suspected miry body bags.

Some days at winter are very close to death.

river in winter
Winter and open water make me see floating plastic bags filled with rotting corpses … probably I read to many detective stories at one point. I prefer ice on water in winter, putting a lid on that dark water in a way. Anyway that was my my first though at Fireblossom’s prompt at toads. So I worked those body bags into an extended metaphor.

January 15, 2015

65 responses to “Some days are plastic garbage bags

  1. Wow. Ha! That’s amazing imagery. I’d like to step into your head and walk around a little. 🙂

  2. “hungry tongues of lizard fog”….excellent. This poem reminds me of that movie done about 20 years ago based on the book, Ghost Story. Creepy, cold movie.

    • I like that line, too.

      Bjorn is the master of “Ewwww” and also “Ahhhh.” I cringe and frown in disgust and/or fear at the former and am continually surprised, even shocked when I read the latter!

  3. Yikes! I see what you mean, but honestly I don’t feel that way! But we have many bright blue days even in the cold. It is odd when the water freezes and thaws, freezes and thaws– but beautiful too to see reflections. I am sympathetic! k.

  4. Whew! What an excellent mood piece, Bjorn. You have captured the sense of depression which could accompany endless months of snow and cold. The way you brought your metaphor around to death at the end is brilliant.

  5. Oh my, I really enjoyed this…your choice of words to describe these images…the metaphors…wow! My fav lines: licked by hungry tongues of lizard’s fog
    wriggling in my dirty socks.
    I love dark…darker the better..wonder which serial killer is living there or is the 3rd generation garbage man slayer?

  6. Those days are grey and cold…sometimes they don’t even come in winter..such embracing imagery and i could feel the discomfort like the irritating rustle of a plastic bag stuck in ‘your’ thoughts

  7. You get to the dark underbelly of all that white winter imagery that is so often pulled out–winter is as cruel as anything, and often all about death–here it seems to partake of a lot of small petty trials that evolve into a larger struggle. I love the imagery throughout, original and as effective as a slap in the face–but too much more civilized, weary and knowing to do it. Great work here, Bjorn–you are on a roll.

  8. …you went to that dark, depressing place many go to during the winter “ugliness” – fresh snow and ice is one thing, dark, gloomy, and dirty snow is another. One thing I hated about Michigan in the winter was often there was no sun….

  9. Good work, Bjorn. Having fallen into a cold but not-yet-frozen river once in my late teens, I don’t enjoy getting too close to the chilly water either. Can’t say I think too much about body bags upon seeing though–until now. Good visuals for a melancholy photo and frame of mind.

    All my best,
    Marie Gail

  10. A brave topic Björn – the sort of subject that only the braver poets tackle. A novel structure where comforting repetition and inspired atmospheric imagery blend perfectly into a very enjoyable dark piece.

  11. Well done… I love the language/ mood…. But I love snow! The beauty of the freshly fallen flakes. I have seen the dirty snow scenes – but I wal somewhere else! Enjoyed the dark.

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