Let ghosts of Marley speak – for dVerse

Constellation patterns of the year to be
are playing peek-a-boo behind the shroud
prepared for wake of two-thousand fourteen.
This dreaded year that made the serpent proud
when xenophobics from the past is free
with polished boots, to challenge what’s allowed.
Oh year to come, why don’t you show yourself?
Come show your face before the clocks strike twelve.

We’re busy digging trenches once again,
we’ve ceased to care for world’s all Tiny Tims.
When razor-wire shadows hides the pains,
from battlefields with barely buried limbs.
When doves are crying threnodies in vain,
Will newborn year to come be just as grim?
My heart is beating and from deep within,
a hope still lingers — we may stop the sins.

So please my friend let ghosts of Marley speak;
let Christmas be the time to truly change;
and silence Ebeneezer’s mean critique,
come share the joyful songs; come let’s exchange,
a vow to make the future bright, not bleak.
Cause what is different are rarely strange.
The world can be a better place today
if we just join, from Stockholm to Bombay.

Today it’s the last Open Link of 2014 at dVerse. I thought I try my hands at an Ottava Rima, looking back and hope we can change like Scrooge once did.

27 responses to “Let ghosts of Marley speak – for dVerse

  1. Ha, we both used the Ebenezer Scrooge theme in different ways & (coincidentally) the same picture as well. I think in many (world) ways this is a good year to put to rest….as we vow to (hopefully) change things in 2015.

  2. there def. is hope as long as the world still spins… a lot of frightening things have happened this year….and i do hope that things change for better….

  3. “We’re busy digging trenches once again” – this is so true. We all seem encamped behind our fears and too scared to reach out to others or just hope the world can/could be a better place.

  4. I specially like that ending Bjorn:

    let Christmas be the time to truly change;
    and silence Ebeneezer’s mean critique,
    come share the joyful songs; come let’s exchange,
    a vow to make the future bright, not bleak.

    Cheers and thanks for all your support during the year ~ Merry Christmas ~

  5. Great minds think alike, you and Mary, obviously! But yes, I hear the sad and profound message beneath the beautiful poetic form. It’s been a year that makes you despair of mankind, a year that made the serpent proud, as you so rightly say!

  6. Today I was reading parts of The Better Angels of Our Nature: Why Violence Has Declined and thinking about how humanity has heeded the call of self-restraint, empathy, benevolence, and curtailed much government abuse over the centuries. We must open our hearts to counteract the isolation, apathy, fear, and judgment. A beautiful reminder you’ve given us here!

  7. Hope. If we don’t have hope what do we have. This is sharp and real, it reminds me that there is darkness in the world that needs to be tended to.

  8. I feel as though my critics have been kind to me, and well.. I always do try to give credit where credit is truly deserved, and you have earned my respect quite well, with every new piece.. It’s always a treat Bjorn. Sometimes, I think I’m my own worst critic however.

  9. Lovely, Bjorn. You’ve crafted a fine piece to ponder, not just read. And yes, lets put the awfulness of this year away.
    Much love & admiration, always. xVivienne.

  10. Ugh.. i had to Wiki to find the original story as my mind drifted off to the peace of Bob Marley..

    Don’t worry be happy and smoke a big joint is probably what his Christmas Story would be about..

    And although i do not do the doobie thing.. except for the Doobie brothers.. not worrying is truly a gift.. in changing what we can and accepting that yes.. real literal human hell exists.. and we are so fortunate to be spared from it.. and blessed.. if as such.. is true..:)

    And i’m sure it must be dark in Sweden as even in North Florida with clouds of the last three days.. the shortest day of dark.. does spin tales of gloom.. particularly as we watch my wife’s sister’s last few days with cancer….

    Life is such a gift.. in all the light and dark it is….

  11. NOTE…I am ill with a bad virus, & can barely type, so pardon me if I don’t
    comment on your poetics. All of us in the dVerse community enjoy a unique
    fellowship, & I cherish it with all my heart. Wishing you ALL a Merry Christmas
    & may 2015 bring all of us joy.

  12. I love your choice of format, and especially your call to all to step-up and make the world a better place. I am extremely fond of formatted poetry, especially when it is as well-written as this. Perfect wording, perfect meter, wonderful flow to this. A well-penned piece indeed, Bjorn.

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