Foreclosure in March

For the twelve days of Christmas,
we maxed out all the credit cards
that’s still remaining to be paid,
Turning to a new-year resolution
for a harsh March foreclosure end.

Undigested gluttony feeds the sewer rats,
while our fridges turn to garbage-bins
for fermenting delicacies we never liked.

Our lives have ceased to operate
as the batteries were not included.
The purple eggnog bruises fill the shelters,
and divorce-attorneys celebrate the aftermaths
of the twelve days of Christmas.

From Wikimedia Commons

From Wikimedia Commons

Kerry invites us to replace words in various Christmas Book titles at toads. I think I’m safe from foreclosure this year.. so I look forward to a 2015 with lots of new challenges.

26 responses to “Foreclosure in March

  1. Spending money we don’t have to buy trinkets that’ll be forgotten within a few weeks? Indeed an odd way to celebrate any holiday. Good poem. Paints a vivid picture of the binge and hangover effects of the holidays.

  2. This is really a different take on ‘the 12 days of Christmas.’ Quite a sad take, really…sigh. But I do know that the Christmas season is not always as happy on the inside as it appears to be on the outside. Ah, the new year is right around the corner.

  3. The Christmas spendathon often does this to people, but then so do the Scroogely antics of bankers and other Krampus-like creatures. A bright Yule to you Bjorn, and a Happy, unforeclosed New Year!

  4. Oh dear! I have given up on Christmas buying to some degree though I do get dragged into it at the end! Have a wonderful Christmas, Bjorn and a very happy, healthy and creative new year. k.

  5. When one gets overwhelmed, it’s time to stop and sort things out…you have the weapon, Bjorn, your satire shout in the target! ~ happy Holidays to you! Thanks for support and kindness x

  6. The adverse effects of over-spending will hit home when one is most deprived. Very true in most circumstances. The holiday season is the most vulnerable! Great lines Bjorn!


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